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Legally starting a cannabis business: A beginners guide

Since the legalization of cannabis in the USA, Canada, and Mexico, many entrepreneurs are investing in the cannabis business. However, starting a cannabis business can be a tricky process as there are several things you need to consider before taking the first step. The path to a lucrative marijuana business is not an easy one- it comes with legalities, taxes, and many other bottlenecks that need to be surpassed.

In this blog, we are going to provide you with a clear road map to starting a marijuana business that will allow you to make an informed decision.

Before starting a cannabis business think about a business model

Investing in the weed industry doesn’t necessarily involve opening a cannabis dispensary. A weed dispensary is just one of the several models of business in this booming industry. What you need to do is carefully think about your skillset and experience and how you can use it to further your interests in this industry.

For instance, if you have experience and skills in logistics then you can start a successful weed delivery service. On the other hand, if you have knowledge of farming and experience in growing, then perhaps the most suitable job for you is cultivating cannabis plants.

The expansion of the cannabis industry has led to the growth of a number of ancillary industries such as litigation, insurance, supply chain, real estate, packaging, etc. If you are really looking forward to a profitable business in the weed industry, then try to think beyond a dispensary.

This emerging industry doesn’t run out of the lucrative opportunity. You need to get a good idea of the existing business model, the several aspects of the industry, and your ideal role in it. This will allow you to carve out your own niche in the marijuana business.

Create a business plan

Once you have decided on your particular business model, it’s time for you to make a business plan. To begin with, you need to learn about all the details of the marijuana law in your state where you will base your operations. Make a list of suppliers and ensure that all of them are operating legally. Perhaps the most complicated aspect of starting a cannabis business is the intricacies of the regulations that keep changing perpetually.

Your business plan should also encompass several other aspects such as a plan to attract customers, a cost estimate, information about your competitors and suppliers, and space from where you will operate your business. Most importantly you need to seek the help of a legal counsel who will help you keep things in order.

Register your marijuana business

The next step involves registering your business name. You can start your business either as an LCC (limited liability company) or a corporation. Both have their unique advantages. Your lawyer should be able to help you decide on this. Choose a catchy name for your weed business and get it registered before obtaining the permit.

Obtain your cannabis business license

The cannabis regulations vary from state to state and so does the process of obtaining licenses, registrations, and permits. Once again your legal counsel is going to help you obtain the proper permits. Make a list of all the documents you need to provide to the regulatory body and also find out about the regulations you need to comply with within your state. Some states in the USA and Canada offer web portals entirely dedicated to obtaining permits for weed business. However, you need to remember that the rules and regulations for opening a weed dispensary are going to be different from a growing or delivery business.

Do the tax registration

The amount of tax you’d need to pay for your business depends on your area of operation. Nevertheless, regardless of the territory from where you are starting a cannabis business, application for a business tax ID number is absolutely mandatory. You can apply for this online or onsite.

This is a very important part of setting up your cannabis business as you would need your employer identification number as soon as you start paying payroll and business taxes. Additionally, it is also needed for creating a business credit card/bank account, or even for application for funding.

Finance your business

If you are a beginner in this industry then the startup costs of the business can somewhat baffle you. In case you are unable to cover the initial expenses then you always have the option of getting funding. However, a detailed business plan is a basic prerequisite for getting funding. You need to convince your financer that your business is going to run on profit.

Funding can be imperative at times since cannabis start-ups require to spend a lot of bucks only on obtaining the license and doing all the legalities. Added to this you have the costs for equipment, space, business setup, and other operational expenses. Moreover, once your business is running, you’d need to pay steep taxes.

Tips to ensure the success of the cannabis business

Once your cannabis business is up and running it is time for you to optimize the expenditure and price so as to maximize your profits. In order to do this in the right way, you need to have a good knowledge of your clients, the community as well as the wider market for your product. Keep in mind that the research about the location and the kind of consumer should be done before you start your business.  When starting, considering keeping your price low to entice your customers, and once they are sure about the quality of your product you can start raising the price gradually.

Moreover, if your weed business is online, then you need to think about a solid online marketing campaign that will convince your customers that you are offering the best deal.

In conclusion, it needs to be said that would-be cannabis entrepreneurs need to stay updated with all the latest news from weed business owners, entrepreneurs, and the cannabis community in general. So make sure to research the latest trends and news and start figuring out ways to set yourself apart from your competitors.

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