Monday, January 30, 2023

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We don’t just deliver cannabis news as it happens; Weedly ensures you get your daily fix of cannabis news from reliable media outlets. Our editorial team is critical in verifying the nitty-gritty details of the information before putting anything online. We don’t underestimate the impact of truthfulness and reliability in the cannabis industry.


Accurate, Truthful and Credible. We don’t cut corners when it comes to delivering trustworthy news and information around the cannabis industry. Our focus lies in informing, educating and entertaining our readers through honest and dependable reporting.


Our community of readers, contributors, businesses and personalities continuously and consistently grow as we work towards being one of the leading voices in the cannabis industry. We are passionate towards providing an avenue for ethical and legal marijuana use, thus allowing us to reach out and influence like-minded groups and individuals.

How Weedly Works for Brands

Weedly works with licensed and ethical brands and dispensaries. When you collaborate with us, you get access to our community of passionate cannabis enthusiasts and well-kept industry-insights. We are well-verse in delivering relevant content and ads that reflect your brand and speak to your audience. Contact us today to advertise.

  • Widen customer base, improve loyalty through custom content, and personalise ads that drive your audience to action.
  • Improve ROI with effective and custom campaigns.
  • Enhance market share through acquiring new customers.

Weedly Community

Interacting with Readers

By committing to deliver credible, accurate and truthful news and information as they happen, we consistently remain relevant and trustworthy. We help you ease your way and supplement your knowledge in the cannabis industry whether you are an unacquainted beginner or a consummate enthusiast. Want to share your personal stories or do you have a cannabis scoop to share? Let us know.

  • Deliver timely news, stories, and events that are relevant as they are timely.
  • Offer a transparent and truthful platform for enthusiasts and contributing writers without judgment. This avenue aims to encourage and inspires everyone who envisions the cannabis industry’s growth and potential.
  • Empower communities to interact in cannabis-related issues be it on civic, cultural, social, humanitarian or legal matters.

How Weedly Works for readers

1. Present timely news and stories to readers that ensure relevance, shareability, utility, and diversity.

2.Transparent and unbiased news platform for readers and contributing writers who envision more growth and tolerance for cannabis. It’s where they can freely share their personal stories and experiences to the rest of the world.

3.Enable communities to engage in civic, cultural, and social-humanitarian discourse on important issues related to cannabis locally.