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Your Beginners Guide to Enjoying Weed

As weed newbies, it usually takes a lot of research on how to use weed appropriately. However, we have prepared this article to help you with your first try of weed. Using weed incorrectly and inappropriately can give you lots of consequences and negative effects. Never let your curiosity drive you; research, read, and get your journey started with weeds safely.

Weed Facts

The level of THC in weed has risen over the last few years. The average THC content of weed in the early 1990s was less than 4%. The resins from the weeds and smoking with a high level of THC content is in demand. There are several types of these extracts, including budder, hash oil, shatter, and wax. These resins are three to multiple times as much THC as with the plant itself.

Weed or marijuana is the most commonly used psychoactive substance aside from alcoholic beverages. It is widely used among teenagers In 2018, over 11.8 million younger people used weed in the last year.

Are you one of the weed newbies? Let this article guide and give you ideas and tips in using weed. 

10 Safety Tips For Weed Newbies

  1. Choose The Best Time Of The Day

You can expect a little feeling unwell after smoking weed, so if you are going to consume it, do it on the night after you’ve finished everything on your lists of agendas or important matters. Advice from an expert: never do any kind of activity if you have smoked or after smoking weed. You’re not likely to get anything completed, particularly when you’ve been hit by weed hard.

Meanwhile, take this time to get to know and familiarize the sensation and how it impacts your total personality. Maybe, it may be unplanned for the first, but the journey is going to be smooth as you go on. 

  1. Select The Right Environment For You

When you organize your night schedule, you’ll endeavor all the stops. This includes choosing the right songs and getting ready for the lighting and the fineness you’re going to partake in. Make it a pleasant, comfy, and safe place to feel relaxed. Your surroundings will contribute a big part during this first experience as one of the weed newbies.

  1. Hydrating Is A Must!

Dry mouth is usually caused by being intoxicated or having excessive consumption of weed. The feeling of a dry mouth is like having a ball of cotton stuck on the mouth. According to some of the users who have experienced the situation, it is the most uncomfortable feeling. That is why hydration or drinking plenty of fluids is a must when consuming weed. The best thing to do is to have a pitcher by your side to beat dry mouth, also commonly known as cottonmouth. 

  1. Clear Your Schedule And Plan Ahead

If you are one of the weed newbies, preparation is the thing that should be done. You don’t have to consume cannabis whenever you want to, otherwise, you’ll suffer the consequences of weed. To avoid the effects of a “weed hangover” in your work, you must learn to clear your schedule or choose weekends when consuming weeds. 

  1. Never Smoke With Untrusted People

This is probably true with anything in life, but most especially when it comes to using cannabis. If you are one of the weed newbies, you have to be with the people you trust. We bet you don’t want to get high with unfamiliar people around you.  

  1. Choosing The Right Strain

The strain you select depends on the impact you want. As previously mentioned, cannabis has a variety of medical purposes, but other strains are better suited to certain circumstances than the others.

It is also worth investigating the possible harmful effects of the strain on your body. Some strains can result in dizziness, dry eyes, and dry mouth. Also, it can cause conflict with your present medications. 

  1. Familiarize Your Tools

Some users swear by vaporizers that lessen the intense skunky smell and inhalation of smoke. However, the effects of the high vape are significantly less powerful and are shorter in duration. While a bong can be disorderly and incredibly repugnant, a small water pipe can serve the same intention by sorting the more harmful elements of vaporization. 

  1. Don’t Smoke Too Much

We’ve heard weed newbies tell about how they are trying to demonstrate vaping with a higher amount in their first tries. The results are not good! They didn’t even enjoy the first time of their weed experience. If you are trying things for the first time, try to consume fewer amounts so that you can measure the dose suitable for you. 

  1. Don’t Combine With Other Substances

Since you’re doing this for the first time, you’re going to want a pure, undiluted experience for your maiden journey. So, if you’re preparing to warm up with a couple of beverages, don’t dare try it. There are negative effects when mixing weed with other substances including alcoholic drinks. 

The psychoactive effects might be higher if you do so. Be mindful of how this combination can affect your current status. 

  1. Before Using, Eat A Little

If you eat tons of foods before consuming weeds, the food helps slow down the weed’s absorption when it passes through your small intestine. Therefore, it is advised to eat less before consuming weeds. For faster weed absorption, you can follow this tip and see how it affects you and your body. 


Because of the weed benefits, there are lots of interested people who want to try the nature of using weed. However, being one of the weed newbies have certain precautions to follow to avoid negative impacts. 

As listed above, having a trusted companion is like having an angel in disguise. They are the ones that you have trusted with your situation and who can take care of you. These safety tips are created to help weed newbies on their first journey. Make your first time in weed society one of your favorites by having an unforgettable weed journey. 

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