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Edible Dosing For Beginners: Tips to Enjoy Cannabis Edible Experience

Eating edibles is a fun way for beginners to experience the effects of cannabis without smoking. After all, who could resist the delicious taste of brownies or gummies? Edibles are tricky as they often result in a more intense high. It is important to pay attention to the right dose to enjoy the effects of edibles.

While smoking remains to be the most popular form of consuming cannabis, more people are switching to ingesting edibles. It is easy to overindulge since edibles take time to kick in compared to smoking.

Check out this edible dosing guide before consuming your edibles:

Choosing between homemade and commercial

Homemade edibles might be easy to make but without the right measurement and equipment, it may not be a good idea for beginners. You don’t just infuse edibles without knowing the amount of cannabis you put in it. This is a recipe for a bad trip. It’s suggested to get your edibles from a licensed and trusted dispensary to get the right dosage based on your tolerance. 

Consider your tolerance and dosage

Finding the right dosage can help you enjoy your first edible trip. Everyone has different reactions to taking cannabis based on its potency, tolerance and sensitivity to the endocannabinoid system. While edibles are processed differently, a good rule of thumb is that smoking a half gram of joint equates to ingesting 10 mg of THC edible. If you are a newbie, you can start with half the “standard dosage” which is 10 mg. You can always increase your dosage for another 5 mg in another hour or two once you are comfortable with the effects of the first dose. Cannabis edibles have dose intervals of 5 mg, 10 mg, 20 mg, 40mg, and 100 mg. Even seasoned enthusiasts consume small doses ( between 3-7 mg) when consuming edibles. This is to gently stimulate the body’s cannabinoid receptors to increase mood, focus, and creativity.

Listen to your body

The effects of cannabis depend on your body mass, age, gender, metabolism, and body chemistry. These things change over time which means your edible dosage may vary. You can ask your local budtender about the right dosage for your age, body type, gender, and experience. 

Start Small

Consuming edibles produce an intense high. The effects of edibles take longer compared to smoking a joint. Instead of eating the entire brownies or cookies in one sitting, you can nibble or consider eating smaller items such as candies and gummies. Don’t try to measure up with advanced users as experienced consumers tend to be more resilient to the cannabis side effects.

Do it in a comfortable space

While edibles are portable, the effects of inducing edibles can be overwhelming for beginners. It is advised to consume edibles at the comfort of your home or in a safe place with familiar faces. The presence of someone comfortable reduces the possible anxiety side effects of cannabis. The most important thing is you are in a space where you are calm and doing something you enjoy to take your mind off ingesting marijuana. You can go outdoors but don’t drive or operate heavy equipment. 

Don’t ingest on an empty stomach

The effects of edibles kick in faster on an empty stomach. However, there have been reports of people with upset stomachs. Make sure to eat a meal and drink plenty of fluids before consuming edibles. You can take high-fat foods to speed up the absorption of cannabis in your body. Make sure to not mix alcohol with your edibles. Doing so will increase the THC concentration in the blood and can dehydrate you. 

Wait for the effects to kick in 

We understand how tasty edibles are. However, you cannot just eat the entire package of these tasty treats just because you haven’t felt the effects kicking in. Bear in mind that edibles take longer to kick in compared to smoking cannabis. Your body fat, metabolism, and other factors also take into play when it comes to cannabis effects. As you start slow, wait for 45 minutes to an hour before increasing your dosage. Read the label as some brands indicate an “activation time” in their products. Resist over-snacking your edibles to avoid a bad trip. No one wants that. But in case that you did, don’t panic.

Different edibles, different effects

Some people have different reactions or high depending on the type of edibles they consume. Some enjoy the high that gummies give while others are comfortable eating brownies. Consider exploring other edibles within your dosage to find the right edibles that work for you.

Bad trips happen

Even when you are experienced and have a high tolerance, bad trips can happen. This is why it is important to start slow and small. However, if you are having a bad trip, try to stay calm and breathe. The panic will wear off when you take your mind off it. Consider watching a movie or doing things you enjoy to get distracted. Drink plenty of water to expedite the digestive process and ease your bad trip. Before taking cannabis edibles, make sure to discuss what you need to do for each other in case one of you has a bad trip. Discuss ground rules and ensure that the place is safe.


Edibles are a fantastic way to enjoy the effects of marijuana if you don’t want to smoke. However, you need to pay attention to the guide indicated above to ensure you have a favourable tripping experience. Make sure you get the right dose, consider your tolerance, don’t take edibles on an empty stomach, and consume with familiar faces in a comfortable space. In case you are having a bad trip, read this blog post to manage your weed hangover.


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