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Managing Weed Hangover and How to Prevent it

Despite some arguments over the effectiveness of cannabis, weed hangover definitely exists. While some studies on the topic are restricted, some reports show that smoking cannabis can stimulate afterward symptoms for other people. 

You may link a weed hangover with alcohol, yet it is viable for cannabis to have related effects after consumption. However, the distinction between a weed hangover and an alcohol hangover depends on the signs and symptoms. 

Regardless of the same term, weed hangover is not fully the same as those who purchase alcohol. And for some, weed hangover goes on to be more endurable than alcohol effects. 

These are the most common weed hangover symptoms:

  • Headaches
  • Fatigue
  • Nausea
  • Dry mouth and eyes
  • Lack of energy
  • Mental fog

What Do You Think Is A Weed Hangover?

Weed hangover happens when you take a higher amount of cannabis than the suggested limit. You should know what your tolerance is to weed. Tolerance depends much from one person to another. Some factors either allow you to get weed hangover and the seriousness of it consists of the strain you’ve taken and the level of THC. 

Marijuana with a high amount of THC can cause weed hangover, mainly if you have taken it beyond your level of tolerance. 

What Is The Cause Of a Weed Hangover?

Excessive intake of weed, especially of strains with high THC or psychedelic properties is the primary reason for a weed hangover. Strains that have 22% or more THC are the main offenders. Some strains that have high THC levels like Sour Diesel and Chemdog may cause extreme hangovers. 

Other factors in your lifestyle may also influence how you determine your mood on the day after weed consumption. An unhealthy lifestyle can make a person more prone to feel sick after a day of satisfaction. It means the healthier you are, the higher probability it is for you to be strong and have the capacity to beat off weed hangover. 

Ultimately, the frequency of you taking cannabis could impact the chance of a hangover. Normal cannabis users may desire to practice limitations on their usage. For instance, a person who is taking cannabis daily may desire to try it on alternate days or weekly to keep hangovers off and certainly stop them. Furthermore, changes in the time of consuming weed is another viable trial. Try to take it in the nightfall rather than late evening and see how it changes the effects. 

How Do You Get Rid Of a Weed Hangover?

A weed hangover will disappear on its own. There are not many things you can do for an instant fix, yet these steps can provide you relief:

Keep Hydrated

The most vital thing you can do during, before, and after taking cannabis is staying hydrated or drinking sufficient water. It will help you reduce symptoms including dry eyes, mouth, and headaches. 

Eat Healthy Foods

This one step is a must! especially if you are on an unhealthy diet. Consuming healthy foods can help your body get enough nutrients like protein, carbohydrates, and healthy fats that can fight hangovers. 

Take A Bath

Taking a bath before and after consuming cannabis can help you feel hydrated and fresh. It can also open your air passages which can make you more comfortable. 

Drink Some Ginger Tea

Ginger is known for its properties that help digestive problems like nausea. It is the best alternative for medicines to reduce stomach issues linked to hangovers.

Take Caffeine

Taking coffee or other drinks that have caffeine can help you feel more alert and energized.

Try To Use CBD

Some studies recommend that CBD can prevent symptoms related to weed hangover

Take A Painkiller

For a continuing headache, you may take an over-the-counter medication to reduce pain like Advil or Tylenol.

If you can do it, try to take a rest for the entire day. With enough sleep, you can wake up with a normal feeling again. 

How Do You Identify If It’s A Weed Hangover?

If you’re feeling off after taking cannabis, it may not certainly be a hangover for something.

Here are some of the probable causes:

Taking Drugs Or Drinking Alcohol While Consuming Weed

If you are taking other matters while consuming cannabis, it might influence how you feel the day after you take it. 

Withdrawal In Cannabis

If you consume weed regularly, there’s a high chance that you’ll experience some symptoms of withdrawal when you stop taking it. Signs of withdrawal may include insomnia, mood changes, and focus difficulty.

Persisting Weed Effects

The effects of weed last depending on the factors including tolerance, dosage, and delivery techniques, besides your metabolism. Commonly, a cannabis high ends between one to five hours. 

If at least six hours have ended since your last consumption of weed, and you have not had any use of another substance like alcohol, you’re probably just experiencing the aftershock of weed.

How Can You Stop A Weed Hangover?

The best thing to do to stop weed hangovers is to know your limits and stick to them. Smoking cannabis alternately than taking edibles is one strategy that may surely work. Moreover, you can find strains that have low THC levels like elation, an indica variation that finishes off at an achievable 10% THC. Simple bud, punching in near 13% THC level, is another good choice. 

Numerous strains match novice users and others who are more sensitive to the impacts of THC. It means that the higher the proportion of CBD is to THC, the less possible you are to experience a hangover. 

If you are taking cannabis beyond alcohol, try restraining the use of the hindmost two substances and see if it creates changes. If you still feel bad after taking weed, you may consult with a professional to identify if there is an underlying issue in your body. 

After all, determining and appreciating your body’s limit is the best way to stop weed hangovers while relishing the numerous possible benefits 


To conclude, weed hangover happens when you consume a high amount of cannabis over the suggested limit. Furthermore, you can feel hungover if you have taken it with other substances like alcohol. You may link weed hangover to alcohol, yet they are different in terms of effects.

 It is vital to identify what a hangover is, how it can affect you, and the things you can do to prevent it. In this article, you may find various things about weed hangovers that you can anticipate when planning to take cannabis. 

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