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Rehydrate Cannabis Stash


At this point, you are maybe thinking about cannabis stash, or how long cannabis will last. Maybe you’ve seen a few buds stick in your winter coat from previous years’ trips, or when gathering some crop that may require a plan to safely stock the surfeit of cannabis until you are ready to ingest it. Similar to storing wine, the cannabis stash technique is the best thing to do to keep your buds. And there are some key factors to consider when securing it for any length of time. 

Factors When Considering Cannabis Stash

Perfect Temperatures 

Buildup and different molds on cannabis and other natural substances flourish in temperatures somewhere in the range of 77°F and 87°F, so fundamental precautionary measures of keeping your weed in cool, dark areas will go far. Extreme warmth can dry out the compounds in cannabis known as cannabinoids and terpenes that require a very long time to evolve. At the point when these necessary oils get excessively dry alongside plant matter, it can bring about hot, bad-tempered smoke. 

Temperatures likewise moderate the cycle of cannabinoids in decarboxylation, the cycle that moves THCA into the mind-altering THC and in the long run debases into the less-wanted CBN. Also, warm air carries more humidity than cold air, which brings us to the following thought. 


Humidity control is principal to getting buildup and other forms of impurities far from your cannabis. Keeping your cannabis stash in a controlled climate with the appropriate relative moisture scale can be somewhat of a difficult action, yet the overall agreement is to keep cannabis stash somewhere in the range of 60% and 63% RH when kept to improve color, consistency, smell, and flavor. Storing your RH below 65% diminishes molds formation. Nonetheless, if your relative humidity drops excessively low, you hazard your trichomes in getting weak and drying out the necessary oils.

Light Ambiance 

Dangerous UV rays separate numerous natural and artificial substances. Like how your grass turns earthy colored toward a long radiant summer, or how a car’s paint starts to blur when it isn’t garaged, UV rays will debase your cannabis over the long term. An investigation led at the College of London during the 1970s found that light was the single greatest factor in the degradation of cannabinoids. A similar report also found that cannabinoids can be maintained for as long as two years when kept under appropriate conditions; however, they can stay potent and protected to last longer as the essential oils gradually separate over time. Keeping your cannabis out of direct light will likewise help you control its temperature. 

Air Control 

While weed needs oxygen during growth and development, keeping your cannabis in a place with the right amount of air is vital to keeping it new and maintaining its unique form. Having too little air can affect the relative moisture, particularly if the buds are not dried before storing. An excessive amount of air will accelerate degradation as cannabinoids and other natural substances are exposed to oxygen. There is an assortment of hand and vacuum tools for canning containers that will assist you with limiting oxygen exposure.

Other Significant Things To Remember When Doing Cannabis Stash

So you think you’ve established the ideal climate for long term cannabis stash? One moment. Regardless of whether you’ve adapted to the classic components that can degrade weed, there are still a couple of things to remember too. 

Storage Matters

Plastic containers can encourage moisture buildup; if vacuum sealing isn’t a choice, use glass or earthenware containers with impermeable seals to keep your buds fresh for a long time.

Utilize Proper Materials For Humidity Control

Some have proposed placing organic products into cannabis containers to rehydrate the buds and improve flavor, yet doing so can cause an excessive amount of humidity to break into your cannabis, bringing about rotten, unsmokable cannabis. 

Keep Flowers Separate From Other Weed Items

When storing weed for a long period, it’s crucial to keep just the weed flower in your stockpiling holder. Keeping lighters, pipes or other stuff could make the odor build up into your weed resulting in an unfortunate experience.

Do Not Use A Tobacco Case

Even though it might seem like a smart thought in principle, tobacco cases are normally created out of cedarwood. The oil from the wood can assimilate within the flower which can influence the taste of the buds and detract from its significant terpene profile. 

Regardless of whether you’re an occasional smoker or simply need to hold tight to a portion of the delicious bud you got from the dispensary, a proper cannabis stash may guarantee your bud will last for a long time. 

Three Different Ways To Rehydrate Cannabis Stash

Steam It

Submerging your dry buds in steam is the quickest method to resupply a touch of moisture. 

After heating a pot of water to the point of boiling, eliminate it from the warmth, steady a cloth over the top, and spot your buds in the lingering steam. Pivot them habitually to guarantee even assimilation. Following 30 minutes, check your buds for humidity retainment. Proceed for more, if important. 

Drench It

An increasingly slow basic technique is a type of assimilation. Spot your dry buds into an impermeable sack with a couple of bits of lettuce and let them inactively ingest its dampness longer than an hour or two. When your weeds are ready to be consumed, eliminate the lettuce to stop the arrangement of mold in your cannabis stash

Savor It

Rather than a bit of lettuce for a couple of hours, try an organic product strip of your option for a large portion of the day. 

Not exclusively will natural product strips convey their dampness to your shriveled buds, however, they’ll additionally move a touch of their flavor. 


Lastly, one of the bad things that can arise to your cannabis stash is to allow it to dry. If it’s come up to you, that’s alright. With a bit of knowledge, it’s attainable to rehydrate cannabis stash using the easy methods mentioned in this article. 

Some may produce new savors, while some can fastly break up your cannabis stash if done carelessly. However, your bud will not be similar as it was, yet you can restore it nearly to the original one. 

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