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Cannabis Career: Tips on How to Get Started

If you are a cannabis aficionado living in a country where the recreational or medical use of weed is already legalized, then now is the time for you to consider a cannabis career. The marijuana industry is booming like never before and there are plenty of marijuana-related jobs especially in countries like Canada and the US. Recent research by New Frontier Data suggests that this industry is going to employ over 400k people by the end of this year. Moreover, the pandemic has resulted in increased consumption of cannabis products while the demand for medical marijuana has also reached a record high.

Keep reading today’s post where we will be discussing several useful tips that will help weed aficionados launch a career in the cannabis industry.

Cannabis career: Kinds of jobs you can consider

You will never run out of career options in the cannabis industry. However, you have to be a little attentive about what attracts you the most in this sector. For example, the job of a grower is not ideal for everybody, on the other hand, only the most creative minds can create compelling reviews of the trendiest cannabis strains. For this reason, you need to find out which sector of this industry appeals to you the most. In other words, you need to find a job that is ideal for the skill set you have. A quick look at the most talked-about cannabis jobs will surely give you a fair idea and help you decide the position where you most fit in.

  •       Grower

People with a passion for the cultivation of this magic herb can consider making it big and start producing on a large scale. As a master grower, your job will entail efficient management of growing operations. This includes soil preparation, setting up the light (if you are growing indoors), pest control, sourcing the choicest seeds, pest control, and crop nutrition. Furthermore, you will also have to get in touch with your local law enforcement authorities and compliance inspector to pave the way for seamless operation. Ideally, for this career option, you need to have a few years of experience in growing cannabis and proper knowledge of horticulture or botany.

  •       Weed manicurist

If you have little experience in growing but not enough experience to launch the career of a grower, then consider the position of cannabis trimmer. Surely the most entry-level job in the cannabis industry, the task of the trimmer entails careful removal of the buds from the harvested plants, trimming the leaves, and cleaning and drying the buds to make them ready for sale. You will get paid by the pound so the amount of money you will make is largely dependent on your trimming skills. This is one of the most popular cannabis jobs in states like Colorado, California, Oregon, and Washington. Basic knowledge of gardening and a love for the plant is enough to find you the job of a trimmer.

  •       Cannabis chef

If you are a cooking/baking enthusiast then make sure to consider the job of an edibles chef. Cannabis edibles are the rage in 2021 as more and more weed aficionados are switching to edibles. You need to master the art of cooking the tastiest meals and snacks with cannabis extracts. In other words, you have to be proficient at infusing weed extracts into a wide range of edibles such as chocolates, cakes, beverages, savories, and all sorts of baked items. The job isn’t as easy as it sounds since the secret to delectable weed-infused dishes lies in preparing the precise dose.  

  •       Packaging

The job of packing weed is ideal for starters in this industry since it doesn’t require any special skills on your part. As a weed packager, your job will consist of packing the buds or cannabis-infused items into boxes. More often than not the job of a packager is a part-time job where you will get paid by the hour or by the number of packages. This position is perfect to get acquainted with the industry and gradually work your way up.

  •       Lab technician

The marijuana industry has to abide by several regulations since safety is paramount for the production of medical cannabis. The growers have to ensure that the buds are absolutely free from all impurities such as molds and pesticides. To ensure the quality of their products they usually hire the services of laboratories whose job it is to ensure quality control procedures. Basic knowledge of biology and chemistry will help you get a job in one of these labs. If you are good enough then you will be able to climb your way up to the position of a lab director.

  •       Budtender

Weed aficionados with experience and interest in sales will easily be able to pull off the job of a budtender. However, for this position, you need to have a sound knowledge of all varieties of buds, edibles, and cannabis accessories that will allow you to guide the customers. Your task will be to guide the users to make a wise purchase while they are at a dispensary. It goes without saying that a few years of experience in sales and customer service will help you easily land up this job.

  •       Concentrates processor

The job of a concentrates processor is one of the high-paying jobs in this industry that demands a solid background in chemistry. Just a passion for weed isn’t enough to get you this job. Concentrates processors are required to research into the process of creation of dabs and hash oils that are absolutely safe for consumption. The popularity of concentrates both among patients and recreational users is expected to add to the demand for proficient concentrates processors.

Final words

Apart from the above-mentioned jobs the weed industry also offers several other cannabis career options such as quality manager, facility manager, manufacturing and retail VP, and courier and delivery jobs. You need to weigh the pros and cons of each job and also consider your skills before applying for a job in this industry. Try to find a job that not only matches your talent but also appeals to you.



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