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Cannabis And Weight Loss: Can CBD Help Lose The Extra Pounds?

Researchers have linked cannabis and weight loss. Cannabis has shown characteristics that reduce the BMI of an obese individual.

But how do cannabis and weight loss work? In this article, you will find the relationship between cannabis and weight loss. There are other reasons why cannabis users prefer to lose weight. 

Later in this article, the dangers of being overweight will be discussed, and the reasons why losing weight is very important. 

Cannabis Content

Cannabis contains two components that make them advantageous and helpful for every individual with certain conditions.


CBD or commonly known as cannabidiol is one of the components of cannabis. It does not cause high or psychological effects. It is usually used for treating conditions like autism, diabetes, chronic pain, cancer, anxiety, and depression. 


THC or tetrahydrocannabinol is responsible for the psychological effects of the users. If CBD can treat conditions, THC improves brain-associated activity like pleasure, perception, thinking, memory, concentration, and movements.

Cannabis And Weight Loss

Many users link cannabis to weight loss because it reduces their appetite. In 2016, experts found out that CBD interacts with the body’s fat in many ways. It includes breaking down fats more efficiently throughout the body. 

A 2018 study shows that CB1 receptors are responsible for reducing appetite and obesity. Due to CB1 function, the user can undergo weight loss. The theorist of cannabis and weight loss states that CBD turns the bad fat into good fat, which burns out the calories. 

In the studies given by experts, having fewer calories in the body is essential to losing weight. All of these are initial studies from some experts in cannabis and weight loss

How It Affects Hunger

Cannabis users tend to eat more than non-cannabis users, but they do not gain so much weight. How does it happen? 

Here’s an explanation. As the article mentioned in the beginning, the CB1 receptors help distribute the fats efficiently throughout the body. Also, there are many things you will discover about cannabis and weight loss, and they can widen your mind and knowledge. 

Now, it’s time to know more about cannabis and munchies. Munchies is the term used when a cannabis user craves food even when he’s not hungry. THC triggers the appetite of a user. They eat more than usual but don’t gain a significant amount of weight because fats are being distributed or are broken down in the body. 

Other Reasons For Cannabis And Weight Loss

The other reasoning related to cannabis and weight loss includes:

Increases Mobility

The proper use of cannabis may alleviate the symptoms of stiffness and muscle pain. Users with chronic pain are more likely to have a higher chance to lessen pain and be more physically active. By chance, being physically active can lower your BMI. 

Users Tend To Drink Less Alcoholic Drinks

Individuals take fewer alcoholic drinks, especially those who are cannabis users. If they consume a less alcoholic beverage, they are more likely to have lower calories taken in their body. Low alcohol levels in the body mean lower BMIs. 

Lessen Stress

Stressed people are known for stress eating. A study shows that stress contributes to overeating and makes people look for comfort food. 

Cannabis is known for its relaxation effects for depressed and people with anxiety, thus replacing stress eating. 

Improve The Sleep Pattern

Having difficulty in sleeping can help in weight gain. Through cannabis, insomnia can be aided and other factors that contribute to the condition can be lessened. 

Boost Metabolism

CB1 receptors are activated when consuming cannabis. That’s why cannabis can also boost metabolism and make you lose weight. 

Why Is Overweight Dangerous? 

Overweight is sometimes related to some other conditions. When people discuss overweight or obesity, they indicate that they have more body fat. Every individual has body fat, but excess fat can lead to problems with their health. 

Take a look at these risks of obesity, which might convince you to lose weight. 

Risks Of Overweight

Excess weight might trigger your health or which may be a sign of other underlying conditions. 

Type 2 Diabetes

Types 2 diabetes is a condition where your body has a high level of sugar. How is type 2 diabetes associated with being overweight? 

If you have excess weight, you have a higher chance of developing type 2 diabetes, especially if you have excess fat around your stomach. 

High Blood Pressure

Having a high body weight may lead to high blood pressure because your heart pumps hard to deliver blood to all your cells.

Heart Disease

Heart disease or cardiovascular disease is a term used to describe several issues that may attack your heart. The popular type of problem happens when the blood vessel that transports blood going to the heart turns rigid and tight.


Being overweight is the leading cause of high blood pressure and later can develop into a stroke. This condition is where the blood flow of the brain stopped, and the brain cells will expire. 

Sleep Apnea

An individual who is obese stores more fats around their neck, which triggers a frequent pause in their breathing during sleep. 

How To Healthily Lose Weight With CBD 

Have a healthy diet with cannabis, go with nutritious foods, and become physically fit by exercising. 

Cannabis and weight loss may contradict your current medications. If you want a safer diet, consult your physician for more advice and instructions on your cannabis diet. Always prioritize your visit to your physician before any kind of drug.


Cannabis and weight loss are quite popular with smokers. There is evidence, but it lacks scientific studies by the experts. 

Cannabis is not only used to lose weight but also for other factors that affect metabolism that include stress, alcohol intoxication, insomnia, and mobility. However, using cannabis to cure conditions can be beneficial, and being checked by a physician must be the priority of any individual who uses CBD-infused products. Examinations are being conducted on patients who want to use cannabis as one of their medical treatments. 

Seeking professional advice is needed to avoid misuse and control the dosage. At the end of this day, your health is much more valuable. 


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