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Top Binge-worthy Stoner Movies and Shows

Who doesn’t love some good old television when you are as high as a kite? It is a no-brainer how most of us love to binge TV shows or movies when we are dazed. With the right munchies and great friends, we’re definitely all set to watch funny and psychedelic movies and shows in one sitting. Anything can be a stoner movie with the right high. A 5-hour long animal documentary? Count us in. Staring at some 70s soap opera? Ah, that’s the deal. However, nothing beats foolish stoner movies that will make you cry happy tears. 

With more states and countries legalizing marijuana, the cannabis industry has become more mainstream than ever. You can see it from the cosmetics, apparel, down to movies. Streaming companies such as Netflix have now featured stoner flicks and movies that will make your crap from laughing. Here are a few stoner movies you can enjoy the next time you take long lazy tokes:

Mac and Deven

This movie is a classic comedy featuring two cannabis enthusiasts and rappers Snoop Dog and Wiz Khalifa. Mac (Snoop), a long-term high school senior, helps Whiz Khalifa (Devin), class valedictorian, live and have fun to write a meaningful graduation speech. The stoner movie has a hodge-podge of everything from music breaks and jokes although the entire movie doesn’t have a solid plot (who needs it, right?) Sit through the THC-induced laughter and enjoy the 75-minute movie. 


You’re set for a typical high school movie with Seth Rogen’s and Evan Goldberg’s writing prowess. The story follows two childhood best friends on the verge of going to different colleges. The duo isn’t actually famous but that didn’t stop them from enjoying their last hurrah. Throw in the shuffle some raucous party scenes and Emma stone and you get yourself a funny stoner movie. 


Of course, Friday is on our list. Friday is Ice Cube’s debut in screenwriting. The scrappy and lighthearted movie revolves around a day in the life of a South Central neighbourhood. Ice Cube showed his creative genius as he also played in the movie alongside Chris Tucker. The two are posing as two unemployed stoners. Craig (Ice Cube) has just lost his job. Despite the incessant badgering from his parents, he decided to put off his job search and hang out with his friend, “Smokey”, a drug dealer. The friends spent their days getting high and eventually, they’ve reached a point where they need to pay back Smokey’s boss or face the consequence. With Ice Cube and Chris Tucker as a cast, need we still convince you to watch it?


Ever wondered about having a bong-hitting teddy bear as a friend? Ted answers this question and more. The director of Family Guy, Seth McFarlane, gives the same freedom he did in this movie as he did in his show. All young John Bennet (Mark Wahlberg) wants is a true friend for the rest of his life. On Christmas, his parents gave him a giant teddy bear that comes to life after John asked Teddy to be his friend for life. The miracle of talking and walking the teddy bear makes Teddy an overnight sensation. Eventually, his fame fades and he becomes John’s roommate. The potty mouth, bong-hitting Teddy makes this movie a great one to watch while passing the bong. 

The Night Before

While this stoner movie is ideal for the holidays, who’s to say you can’t watch The Night Before on a normal weed-laced day? The story focuses on three friends celebrating one final night of holiday fun before embracing the real world of grown-ups. Three best friends (Seth Rogen, Anthony Mackie, and Joseph Gordon Levitt) are determined to end their 10-year tradition with a bang. They planned to consume the box filled with every single drug in the whole world, given by Isaac (Seth Rogen’s wife). However, the box doesn’t have the weed so the trio went on a trip to pick up some kush, and things started to get hilariously wild. 

Bonus Weed TV Shows

Besides these hilarious movies, you can also just chill and watch these weed-themed series:

Bong Appetit

Catchy name. High-end gourmet cooking with cannabis. Bong Appetit is perfect if you wish to learn a wide range of food cultures with cannabis. Created by Vice media, the YouTube series invites reputed chefs around the world to craft intricate and exemplary meals infused with cannabis. Bong Appetit really appealed to not just food enthusiasts and culinary connoisseurs, it also attracted weed enthusiasts and regular viewers. Imagine dreamy cannabis cuisines made by talented chefs and guests. Be warned though as watching this show may cause you to drool over the delectable food. 

Cooking on High

This fast-paced game show is a fresh take on weed cooking shows. Each episode features two chefs who are both nimble in cooking with cannabis. With a close kitchen setup where chefs and judges can interact in the entire episode, this show suits those who want to watch lighthearted and fun weed-themed series. Cooking on High is a perfect show to indulge while chilling or getting into a quick munchie session. 

 As marijuana becomes legal in more states and across the world, it is not surprising to see more cannabis-themed shows/series pop up on the big screens. More shows mean more choices for you when you light one up, right? What’s your go-to stoner movie?


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