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Are Cannabis Degrees Legit: Reasons Schools Should Start Offering Cannabis Degrees

Holding a degree in today’s world is a massive advantage for anyone, especially for those job seekers who just recently graduated from their respective colleges. Having a degree to back up one’s educational background will help them land into the job they applied, much better than having none. 

Are cannabis degrees legit to be offered in different universities? 

A new degree is being introduced by most colleges and universities to its students, namely the cannabis degree. This may sound surprising, but yes, this is currently happening. And why is that, you may ask? Well, thanks to the regularization of marijuana in most countries worldwide, including Canada and some states in the United States.

Nevertheless, you might be wondering and asking questions like “are cannabis degree legit” in your head. In this article we will provide enough information to convince you that they are a legitimate degree.

Are Cannabis Degrees Legit?

Currently, Canada is one of the countries that has fully legalized marijuana for recreational and medical purposes. Due to California legalizing medical marijuana use in 1996 in the United States, many states soon followed California’s footsteps.

Now, in 44 states, only 11 states allow recreational marijuana usage while the remaining 33 states enable the use of medical marijuana. This has caused the rise of the marijuana industry in the United States that produced many jobs for their people, giving them a living. As of February 2020, an online dispensary article has confirmed that 243,700 full-time jobs have been taken,  providing them an income for their everyday lives.

On the account of the booming marijuana industry, many colleges and universities have introduced degrees that specialize in cannabis/marijuana. Most degrees offered are in forms of programs where students are involved and being prepared for the marijuana industry’s mechanisms. Currently, 20 colleges and universities combined offer business degrees on marijuana or other related courses. 

This kind of degree will help you to understand more about cannabis. Being knowledgeable on cannabis, its features, and its benefits in medical issues are essential. By including cannabis/marijuana degree under the law, whoever undergoes this program must not involve in actual sales or possession of it during the time of taking the course. Still, many educational institutions with cannabis degrees are strictly monitoring the federal laws and regulations placed by the government to ensure that they are not breaking any of those.

However, there aren’t accredited agencies that support cannabis education as of the moment. Sadly, there is no push for creating accredited agencies or incentives for the federal government to make such. Fortunately, this isn’t the case for public universities that hold regional accreditations for those who want to have this kind of course.

Should You Get a Cannabis Course Immediately?

As for that question, most people say that it totally depends on you if you want to or not.

If you have an interest in degrees that involve cultivation and pharmacology, then you may try taking this one on your end. Take note that you will need to learn about cannabis as part of the degree. This way, it will give you the idea of cultivating cannabis in the future.

However, if you are more into other kinds of work such as accounting or management, taking a cannabis degree might not be good for you. Instead, it is better to continue on a degree related to those mentioned fields of work since you can later connect/use those skills to other areas of the cannabis industry.

Reasons Why Educational Institutions Should Offer Cannabis Degrees

Since the regularization and legalization of marijuana are still ongoing, many companies and organizations are starting to see the cannabis industry’s benefits. Many are also converting to become part of the said industry.  This makes the studying and possibilities of investing in the cannabis industry a feasible aspect to many.

Additionally, the rise of demand for the cannabis industry will soon be noticeable, as many nations worldwide are slowly but surely accepting cannabis as a new form of recreational and medical use. People with various diseases can be treated or eased with marijuana consumption, making this another reason why educational institutions such as colleges and universities should consider offering cannabis degrees to those looking for one.

Furthermore, the possible jobs that one can have related to the cannabis industry in today’s market are higher than ever, thanks to its regularization and legalization. In America alone, there are new 243,700 jobs related to the cannabis industry that can be offered to most graduates and job seekers alike, as previously mentioned. That number will surely increase over time, as the cannabis industry widens its reach to other sectors in the community.

Still, creating a new degree strictly only for cannabis won’t happen in a single night. It will take some time before it can be implemented and accepted by most majorities as a degree worthy of being pursued since cannabis is reported in the media and considered as an illegal drug for decades.


As we have seen in this article today, taking a cannabis degree is like an investment. This may not be worth your while to take during this time. Still, once the said cannabis industry has fully bloomed and integrated itself into other business sectors, it will be a huge industry that can offer thousands or even millions of jobs and careers to people worldwide helping them in their lifetime. This kind of opportunity will help you a lot, especially if you are interested in being a part of the cannabis industry.

Additionally, knowledge about marijuana, in general, can help one succeed in both the cannabis and the pharmacology industry since you will immerse yourself in the medicine sector. Unlocking new career opportunities for you at the end, is like hitting two birds with one stone, as you will be essentially learning two skills and knowledge for the price of one on your end, making it easier for you to find jobs related to both types of work industries.



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