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Legality Of Cannabis: 10 Reasons Why It Should Be Legalized


People have been using cannabis as a treatment for different ailments for at least 3,000 years now, says the National Institutes of Health. Some countries have come up with the idea of the legality of cannabis for easier access and production. Because of its medicinal benefits, some doctors used cannabis in treating various diseases. However, it needs some precautionary measures to process it and requires detailed research on how it can benefit the users.

Cannabis can be characterized in different forms, and its gains are continually growing, specifically its health benefits. Also referred to as weed, cannabis has CBD or cannabidiol, a chemical that affects the brain and improves its function without causing it to get “high.” Another form of cannabis contains THC or tetrahydrocannabinol, the chemical responsible for most of marijuana’s psychological effects.

10 Reasons Why More Countries Are Legalizing Weed

  • It Helps Prevent Cancer Cells From Spreading

According to a study in Molecular Cancer Therapeutics and the California Pacific Medical Center in San Francisco, CBD can stop cancer from worsening by exterminating a gene called Id-1, which is responsible for spreading cancer cells. Also, the American Association for Cancer Research declares that cannabis works to abate the development of tumors in the brain, breast, and lungs.

  • It Regulates And Prevents Diabetes

Since weed has a positive effect on maintaining the amount of insulin in the body, it can also regulate and prevent diabetes by stabilizing the blood sugar, lowering blood pressure, and improving blood circulation.

  • It Helps As A Treatment For Depression And Anxiety

Weed has an endocannabinoid compound which aids in regulating moods to relieve depression. Researchers at Harvard University also inferred that another benefit of cannabis is that it acts as a sedative when taken in low doses.

  • It Can Be Used As A Treatment For Epilepsy

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) authorized the usage of a medication called Epidiolex, composed of CBD as a treatment for two rare, stern, and specific types of epilepsy, Lennox-Gastaut syndrome, and Dravet syndrome, in 2018.

  • It Helps Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease.

Research constructed by Kim Janda of the Scripps Research Institute pointed out that THC delays the growth of Alzheimer’s disease. It is done by slowing down the development of the plaques that kill the brain cells and potentially lead to Alzheimer’s disease.

  • It Can Be Used As A Treatment For Glaucoma.

The National Eye institute declares that cannabis decreases the eye pressure of patients with Glaucoma alongside optic nerve injury and loss of vision.

  • It Causes Relief From Arthritis.

Research in 2011 found that weed reduces pain and inflammation and improves sleep, which may help relieve pain and discomfort for those who experience Rheumatoid Arthritis.

  • It Helps In Easing The Pain Of Multiple Sclerosis.

The Canadian Medical Association conducted a study suggesting that cannabis may relieve the painful implications of multiple sclerosis by stopping the negative neurological effects and multiple spasms it causes.

  • It alleviates the Tremors Of Parkinson’s Disease.

Cannabis also helps in improving the motor skills of patients diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. In Israel, detailed research found out that smoking weed exceptionally alleviates pain and tremors caused by the disease.

  • It Can Overturn The Carcinogen Effects Of Tobacco And Enhance Lung Health.

A study conducted by the American Medical Association in 2012 suggested that cannabis improved lung functions and heightened lung capacity.

These are only 10 out of the many reasons why the number of countries considering the legality of cannabis is continuously growing. We can also notice that most bases are directed towards its health benefits.

The Legality Of Cannabis

While there are countries who have already approved of the legality of cannabis, the remaining ones, who may not have authorized its usage, are not specifically against it in a criminal way. Certain countries allow cannabis purchases only for medicinal purposes, considering the health benefits of weed. However, other countries frown upon the legality of cannabis due to its possible psychological effects, which may lead to criminal offences.

In those countries where medicinal and recreational usage of weed is legal, like Canada, growers are licensed by the federal government, and then individual provinces are the ones who decide how the product will be distributed and sold.

In the United States, it most likely depends on which state you are. Some states allow people to smoke, while some freely approve of its users for medicinal purposes only. Some states generally frown upon its usage.

Some countries decriminalize weed that measures up to 10 grams only, like in Belize and Ecuador. While in Jamaica, Rastafarians are allowed to use weed in unlimited quantities and with no repercussions in other countries.


Different countries around the world have various beliefs regarding the legality of cannabis. Most of those who believe in its positive contributions to medicine focus on its components that can treat specific ailments which cannot be cured by usual medications. Some countries have limitations and conditions about the legality of cannabis in their location. Such conditions include the quantity or amount of weed, the age requirement of those allowed to purchase, sell and grow weed, the purpose of its possession and usage (medicinal or recreational). In other countries, only the use of cannabis is allowed, while cultivation is prohibited.

The legalization of cannabis can be tracked up to decades back. We may somehow relate it to the continuous development of our era and the constant growth of science while past generations specifically frown upon the usage of marijuana because of its known psychological effects. The advancement of science through time progressively approves of the legality of cannabis because of its unique properties that aid in treating various diseases that are insusceptible to currently acknowledged medications.



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