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Cannabis Celebrities: Top Cannabis Enthusiasts You Should Know

In this world where weed usage is still considered a taboo for several people, it is enlightening to know cannabis celebrities, showing why the legalization of the regulated and responsible use of cannabis is essential. Snoop Dogg, Rihanna, and Mike Tyson, the most glamorous names in the industry, are only a few of the people who shed light on the use of weed products. There’s a long list of supporters, but here’s a list of ten to know a few.

Take a look at the following cannabis celebrities to know more about and understand cannabis use and the need for legalization of marijuana. 

Cannabis Enthusiasts in the ‘biz

Snoop Dogg

Rapper and musician Snoop Dog is a “cannapreneur” or a cannabis entrepreneur. A marijuana advocate, he co-founded ‘Leafs by Snoop’ in partnership with Tweed, a subordinate of Canopy Growth Corporation. 

Launched in 2015, Leafs by Snoop is a company that specializes in cannabis products like marijuana flower.  It offers eight products consisting of different strains, namely: Northern Lights, Purple bush, Bananas, and Kali Kush under indica dominance; Tangerine Man, Lemon Pie, and Blueberry Dream under saliva dominate; and 3D CBD, which is a high CBD strain. 

In 2018, products by Leafs by Snoop were already distributed in Canada through the help of Canopy Growth. It was despite the Canadian government’s warning about celebrity endorsements of pro weed products

His firm is the “only mainstream cannabis brand in the world,” according to Snoop Dogg.

Wiz Khalifa

Dubbed as the modern-day Snoop Dog, Cameron Jibril Thomaz, a.k.a. Wiz Khalifa, also did not hide his love for cannabis as made apparent in the lyrics of his tracks such as ‘Smokin Good,’ ‘Weed Roller,’ and ‘Still Blazin’. Like Snoop Dog, Wiz Khalifa partnered with a Colorado-based company to endorse cannabis products. Together with Riverrock Cannabis, Wiz Khalifa embraced his pro weed advocacy through endorsements of weed products, including Khalifa Kush, his very own strain launched in 2016. 

Also, a cannapreneur, Khalifa owns a line of merchandise, cannabis strain, and an app. He sells weed-themed shirts and hats on his website for the 420 collections. He also holds a simulation game titled “Weed Farm,” which works like the famous ‘Farmville’ although this time, the game aims to show the users how to plant, grow, and harvest weed. 

Mike Tyson

An American professional boxer who competed for almost two decades, Mike Tyson is also a businessman and an entertainer. He founded Mike Tyson Academy, which is a fitness and boxing gym. 

Moreover, Tyson is also a cannapreneur as he entered the cannabis business industry with Jay Strommen and Robert Hickman. Last 2017, they opened the Tyson Ranch, which could be considered the best resort for cannabis users. Tyson Ranch features a cannabis-themed resort with 40-acre land in California and a desert, almost 60 miles near Death Valley National Park. It offers an edibles factory and an amphitheater. 

Today, Mike Tyson makes almost half a million dollars per month because of his luxurious cannabis resort. 

The Game

Well-known American rapper and actor Jayceon Terrell Taylor, a.k.a. The Game is one of our cannabis celebrities. According to High Times in 2016, The Game was also the first celebrity to own a marijuana dispensary due to his album ‘The Documentary’ in 2005.

Trees by Game, owned by our cannapreneur, is offering premium cannabis products that have been curated by Game’s team and himself. They grow the strains indoors to control aspects of cannabis growth and ensure high-quality cannabis products. 

Bob Marley

The icon of Reggae music, Bob Marley, is also a pro weed celebrity. However, smoking marijuana meant something different to him and his music. He didn’t merely puff weed. Instead, he smoked marijuana because of his religion– The Rastafarian religion. There, it is a sacred sacrament to use ganja, which refers to marijuana.

Unlike other smokers, Bob Marley did not use marijuana recreationally. His use is only reserved for medicinal and religious purposes. 

Montel Williams

TV personality Montel Williams, best known for ‘The Montel Williams Show,’ founded Lenitiv, a medical line for weed-related products. 

Founded in 2016, Lenitiv is a supplier of premium hemp and cannabis products. The products they offer are tested rigorously in laboratories to ensure high-quality cannabis products. More than recreational cannabis use, it encourages the use of weed-related products for medicinal purposes.

Williams is an advocate for education, empowerment, and access to cannabis. Through Lenitiv, he aims to educate the world and correct misconceptions about cannabis and wellness. 

Whoopi Goldberg

Award-winning actress and singer Whoopi Goldberg is an advocate of marijuana use from a feminist perspective. Aside from bagging Academy, Tony, Emmy, and Grammy Awards, Goldberg’s feat worth telling are that she co-founded one of the first firms to advocate for the use of cannabis in a feminist approach.

In 2016, she co-founded Whoopi and Maya, which features cannabis-infused products useful for relief for menstrual cramps and pain. 

However, Whoopi and Maya announced on their website that they would no longer continue to operate. Still, their firm proved that there is indeed a market for the type of products they offer. According to them, “This is simply the end of a single chapter in a larger story, one that we invite you to continue.” 

Willie Nelson

A pro weed figure is also one of the most recognized country music artists, Willie Nelson. Also, an actor who appeared in over 30 films, co-writer of a number of books, Willie, is an advocate for the legalization of marijuana. 

He founded Willie’s Reserve, which specializes in transmitting his image of cannabis to actual weed-related products, which range from accessories, edibles, flowers, and vape. This Washington-based firm is considered to be one of the first celebrity-endorsed and sponsored cannabis production firms. 

Through his platform, he highly speaks up about the advantages of responsible and regulated cannabis use. Moreover, he also advocates for the cultivation, sale, and enjoyment of it. On his website, he even encourages users to meet the farmers who cultivate the weeds they enjoy. 


Brilliant pop singer and artist Rihanna is a pro weed diva! Yes, guess our queen Riri is all for MaRihanna! Her pro weed advocacy is made apparent in films and music videos in– smoking and wearing clothes featuring marijuana propaganda. Our pro weed icon even uploads her high-time sessions on Instagram. 

She began to explicitly show her love for weed through fashion way back in 2011. In that same year, the deluxe version of her “Talk That Talk” album was released. It featured her puffing the flower. 

While she tries to take a step back and take things slow with marijuana, she becomes more outspoken about the need to legalize marijuana use. What an icon!

Seth Rogen

Actor Seth Rogen is known for changing the game of the stoner genre in movies. Together with Evan Goldberg, this pro-weed icon worked diligently for the successful launch of Houseplant, a cannabis supplier in Canada. They spent almost five years in preparation for the company’s launch. According to Rogen, their business reflects their experience and respect for cannabis. 

Through Houseplant, Rogen and Goldberg can now share their passions for cannabis with Canadians. 













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