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Cannabis Vape Sales Boom- The Sale Promotion

How do you want to enjoy your weed? Today, aside from the traditional form of smoking, there are several ways to enjoy cannabis. One of these methods is through the use of vaporizers. Cannabis vape is the hot stuff right now. Recently, there are several reports about its demand in the market, and the sales are skyrocketing. This article will discuss what cannabis vape is and how it is increasing demand today. 

What Is Cannabis Vape?

Cannabis vape is an alternative way of consuming cannabis with the use of a wide range of devices. It quickly gained popularity because it lets users consume cannabis easily and discreetly. Also, many prefer using vaporizers because it is much healthier than the traditional method of smoking cannabis. It does not involve burning the cannabis flowers, resulting in the release of tar and carcinogens. In the process of vaporization, the cannabis flower or concentrates are heated up to a temperature that does not burn the flower;  instead, it turns the cannabinoids and terpenes into vapor.


Here are some examples of vaporizers:

  • Tabletop vaporizer. As the name implies, it is a stationary vaporizer perfect for placing on a table at your home. It is easy to use. All you have to do is place the cannabis flower or concentrates in the heating chamber and turn on the dial to regulate the temperature.
  • Portable vaporizer. It works like the tabletop vaporizer, but it is small and portable. You can even consume cannabis in a discreet manner everywhere. It is powered by a battery that powers up the heating element in a chamber where you will place your cannabis flower or concentrates.
  • Vape pens. Just like the portable vaporizer, you can also bring this everywhere. It is a type of vaporizer used explicitly for oils and distillates. It is as big as a traditional pen, which gives a more discreet vibe. To use it, all you need to do is fill the cartridge with your oil or distillate and let the vaporization process begin.
  • Dab pen. If the standard vape pens are for oils and distillates, the dab pen is for dabs. It is like the standard vape pen. The only difference is the concentrate, which can be wax, budder, or shatters, is loaded in a heating chamber.

The Vaping Crisis

Just from reading the definitions mentioned, cannabis vape sounds cool, right? However, there was a time when vaping was severely affected. The CDC reported a first death associated with an electronic cigarette or vaping product use-associated lung injury. Following this death, more and more cases have been reported, and it became a national outbreak in the U.S. The Government of Canada had also made investigations about this lung illness.

With the investigations’ results, it was concluded that the deaths of using e-cigarettes and vapes were a result of using illicit market or black-market cannabis products. The public was then advised about the dangers of buying cheap devices and sourcing from non-regulated cannabis markets.

The Cannabis Vape Sales During The Pandemic

Months later, after the vaping crisis, the COVID-19 pandemic had begun. As we heard in the news and read some articles online, this pandemic had a significant impact on the economy. Many businesses were forced to shut down while others had a drop in sales. But this is not the case for the cannabis market. 

Perhaps, many people became interested in cannabis during this time, several have been placing orders on the cannabis online market. This has made an increase in sales for the cannabis industry in the U.S., and many saw this as an opportunity for the federal governments to look more into the benefits of cannabis. This will be a huge step for pushing the nationwide legal cannabis market in the U.S.

It is not just all about the cannabis flowers. The vaporizer and device makers reported that sales are booming ever since the pandemic started. Furthermore, vape users became more careful. They learned about the vaping crisis and made a wise decision to say no to illicit products. They only purchased legal suppliers, thus increasing the sales of these legit vape and device makers.

In Canada, cannabis vape pens are outdistancing other cannabis products in terms of sales. For the three Canadian provinces: Alberta, British Columbia, and Ontario, cannabis vape pens made more sales than other cannabis refined products such as edibles, topicals, and extracts. Experts say that Canadian cannabis consumers prefer cannabis vape pens because of their convenience, simplicity, and low odor. It is also reported that competition for cannabis vape in Canada is becoming more challenging, and more and more new companies are trying their luck to enter the market and set their place.

The Cannabis Vape Sales In 2021

As more and more shops are opening in the cannabis vape market, experts predicted that the market would hit $450 million in 2021. The Canadian government is responsible for supporting the private sectors to have a safe and convenient retail system. This system aims to combat the black market for cannabis vape to ensure that the public will only go for legitimate and regulated products. 

There is more to this. Even if the world is experiencing a pandemic today and recently a vaping crisis became a hot topic, experts say that the sales of cannabis vape products will continue to boom not only for 2021 but for the years to come. It is estimated that the cannabis vape market will grow up to $10 billion by 2024.


It is undeniable that vaping is healthier than the traditional form of smoking. However, consumers should be careful about buying cannabis vape products. Only buy from trusted and reputable cannabis markets and suppliers to fully enjoy vaping cannabis without risks. This has caused a growing demand for cannabis vape products, and sales are booming today. In these times, there are many cannabis vape stores that rocketed their sales. 


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