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Gift Ideas For Weed Lovers

Some people have a love language for receiving gifts. They are the ones who feel most loved and appreciated when they are given something that is dear to them or is useful for their lifestyle. They are fortunate to have friends who have a love language for giving gifts. If you are someone who loves to give your friends personal and sentimental gifts, and you have knowledge that they are fond of getting high during their free time, here are some gift ideas to give your weed-loving friends.

Gift Ideas For Weed Lovers

Stoner Expansion Pack For What Do You Meme?

If your friends are in for a game with funny memes, they will surely go nuts with this expansion pack of the card game What Do You Meme? that is marijuana-themed. It is called the “Stoner Pack,” Which is surely an excellent game for parties and events with your stoner friends.


As a weed-person, it must be very convenient to have a flame-free way to light up. This E-Lighter is rechargeable, so you do not have to worry about buying typical lighters or matches from time to time. All you have to you is plug it in for a few minutes, and you are good to go on getting lit flame-less.

Weed Canister

This adults-only cookie jar will help keep the kids’ hands off of your precious weed kits you would like to enjoy all for yourself.

Airtight Storage Jars

If your friend is still discreet about his hobby, this will be a perfect gift for him. He wants to keep his goodies inside the closet, away from the sight of his family, and this will be an ideal gift for him to keep his paraphernalia’s smell intact.


It comes in different shapes, colors, and sizes; this gift goes best when personalized. You can twist your ashtray gift by engraving it with something personal your friend can relate to. You can put his initials or any significant words that describe your friend’s personality to make it more personal.

Hex Grinder

If their grinder is usually at the center of their table, they might as well give them a fancy one. One that can be easy to spot on and not hard to look for when you need it. There are lots of hex grinders with different designs. You can choose one that fits in their home’s theme.

Serving/Rolling Trays

Aside from being more than just somewhere to do your messy joint-rolling process on, this gift is also ideal for your friend who always spills weed or uses their lap to maintain some pretense of control. You can choose one with their favorite color, and they will surely love it.

Stash Bag

This gift is perfect for your friend, who is always on-the-go. If you know a weed-loving friend who is fond of bringing his marijuana kits everywhere he goes, this must be the ideal gift for him. One zip, he will be good to go.

Purple Kush Scented Candle

This combination of fresh, green notes of weed with suede and floral scents also comes in a lavender tumbler that would be picture-perfect for your friend who is active in social media. This marijuana-inspired scented candle is an idea by an Instagram-favorite brand Boy Smells.

Smoke Buddy Air Filter

This little companion will proactively expel smoke and odor if your friends are smoking indoors, or he is just trying to be discreet around strangers or other friends who hate the smell or the actual smoke of weed.

Aside from all these gift ideas given above, there are still many things that your stoner friends will surely love. All you have to do is get a sense of the things they prefer to use – those things they will surely make use of. You can get more concepts about the best gift idea for the kinds of friends you have by tuning in to weed podcasts that deliver the trending and latest weed products most people love today.


Indeed, it’s the thought that counts. But showing up with something that will surely be remembered by your weed-loving friend is an exceptional move. Listening to weed podcasts will help you better understand your friends’ lifestyles, will give you a hint on the best present to give them that they will surely love.








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