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Weed Bong: The 15 Best Bongs To Buy In 2021

Are you a beginner or an experienced weed user? Maybe a weed bong is one of your favorite tools, so get ready to note down these bongs in your 2021 list.

How Does A Weed Bong Work?

A weed bong comes in different sizes, shapes, and colors, but they all function to cool and filter the smoke of burning marijuana. 

A weed bong provides a less harmful way of getting stoned, and if you are a beginner or looking for another method of spending your weed, this weed bong is for you. The bong’s chamber provides a big hit to its users. Thus, it can stone you in just 1-2 hits since it is the easiest way to consume cannabis. 

These are the things that give bongs an edge compared to other weed tools. In this article, we will provide some useful information you need to know about weed bongs

What Are The Main Parts Of A Bong?

If you are not familiar with the main parts of a bong, we have listed down its essential parts for you. The weed bong is broken down into six main parts that include the following: 


The bowl is an important part of your weed bong, and its primary purpose is to hold the dry weed. 

Ash Catcher

According to its name, ash catcher is the bong’s part that catches the weed’s ashes. It is used to avoid the ashes getting into your mouth; this is the reason why the ash catcher was designed to be in your weed bong


 The neck is the bong’s portion that connects the mouthpiece and the bowl. The cool smoke from the burned marijuana travels through the neck to the mouthpiece of the weed bong


The mouthpiece is the part where you inhale the smoke of the dried weed. 


It is a long tube that connects the water chamber to your bowl. Your downstem can be removed and can be changed when needed. 

Water Chamber

This part of your weed bong holds the water.

What Are The Types Of Weed Bongs? 

Your bongs can be of different types; read on, and we will give you ideas about the different kinds of bongs.

Straight-tube Bongs

The straight-tube is the simplest, easiest, and basic type of weed bong. With this straight-tube-designed bong, you will have an easy way of consuming your weed.

Beaker-Shaped Bong

Straight bongs and beaker bongs are somehow similar but they’re cone-like shapes. The beaker-shaped bong can contain a large amount of smoke and has a more stable base compared to the straight bong.

Round-Base Bong

The round-base bongs have a wider base and are smaller than the first two bongs. The straight-tube and beaker-shaped types are more stable compared to the round-base one. Regardless of their structure, they do have the same purpose. 

Multi-chamber Bong

A multi-chamber bong or recycler bong is like a straight-tube with two separated chambers connected to the third chamber. The smoke is filtered twice because of its upper and lower chambers. 

Carburetor Bongs

It is easy to identify a carburetor bong. If you own a bong with a hole in the middle, then you have a carburetor weed bong. The hole permits fresh air to go inside the pipe and pushes smoke into the lungs. 

Recommended 15 Best Weed Bongs For 2021

  1.  Blaze Glass
    This is not an ordinary bong. It is made of borosilicate glass, and it can be customized to suit your preferable design so that you consume weed comfortably.
  2. Jumeige’s Mini Pipe Bong
    Jumiege is an environment-friendly bong because of its materials used. It is a safe bong since the materials don’t contain any harmful substances. You won’t mind harmful toxins while using this naturally-made bong.
  3. Headway 6” Acrylic Bong
    This is a small bong but it can satisfy its users’ needs. What’s unique about it is that you can dismantle and replace parts if you want to customize them.
  4. Glycerin Coil Showerhead Perc Fat Can Bong
    In this bong, the smoke goes through three filters that reach the user’s mouth so that the smoke becomes tasty. It also contains an advanced percolation mechanism and glycerine as its cooling agent.
  5. Eyce Beaker
    Unlike any other bong, this Eyce Beaker is made of silicone and has the dopest pieces with secret storages. This type of bong is suitable for any occasion.
  6. XL Scorpion Beaker Bong
    It is a classic bong that has an ice catcher to create a cooling effect. The cool effect provides relaxation to its users.
  7. D020-D Bubbler
    Aside from its low price, it has a perfectly portable size so that you can bring it anywhere you want to relax.
  8. Anodized Mushroom Recycler Bong
    It is a one-of-a-kind, a classy bong with an iridescent piece. If you are looking for a classy bong, this might be what you’re looking for.
  9. Glasscity Straight Cylinder Ice Bong
    This is a newly improved stoner tool to enhance every user’s experience. It has multiple water filters just like the other bongs; it filters the smoke many times before the user inhales it.
  10. Black Leaf Ronin And Geisha Beaker Ice Bong Box Set
    Looking for high-quality materials? This bong is composed of borosilicate glass with a beaker-based design, and it also comes in a set.
  11. G-spot Glass Bubble Base Double Percolator Bong
    Even if it has an awkward name, this bong is made with two percolators to provide users with an intense experience.
  12. Paranoia Pineapple Bong
    It is a bong with a unique pineapple design and a perfect gift idea for your friends and family members.
  13. Champagne Bottle Bong V2
    While there is a pineapple-inspired bong, the champagne bottle bong V2  also catches every stoner’s attention. If you are looking for a bong for your night out, this champagne bottle bong V2 is perfect.
  14. Silicone Dab-straw
    Do you want to upgrade your portable bong? This silicone dab-straw is made more convenient for every dab user.
  15. Mosi Mimi
    Mosi Mimi contains high filtration control for its users’ health and safety.


New things excite us. Before purchasing, you have to check out the item’s reviews and description and whether it suits your preference and type. You can look at each type to get familiar with their characteristics and uses. You don’t have to settle for less, especially when it comes to your bongs and accessories. Having high filtration and good-quality materials can improve your experience.

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