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Cannabis Convictions: Governments Should Consider Expungement

This article will help readers understand why the government should consider expunging cannabis convictions.

Since cannabis legalization happened, governments should also consider expunging cannabis convictions to help people who had them in the past. According to the media, the Canadian government will be announcing its plan to offer quicken pardons to people who have records of possessing cannabis in Canada. In this case, the record of a person who has committed past cannabis convictions will be suspended or removed. 

But the question is, why should governments consider this? Since legalization already happened in Canada, governments should be more considerate of each individual who had cannabis convictions from the past as well. It is not to tolerate people for their crimes before but to help them create a new life without their past cannabis convictions record. Canadian governments have passed a bill that will provide pardon to people who had cannabis convictions before. But for more critics, the legislation doesn’t do enough. This article will serve as a guide to help readers understand why the government should consider the expunging of cannabis convictions

Cannabis Convictions

Individuals who possessed cannabis convictions from the past with 30 grams of cannabis will receive a pardon, or they can file an application for pardon regarding the case of cannabis convictions. According to the Canadian government, they have decided that they will not have a lengthy process in removing all records in cannabis convictions. The application process in the pardon of cannabis convictions had been announced after the legalization of cannabis in the market. Some people have the authority to announce publicly, and it will take weeks as what officials have said.  Of course, pardons will be applied for cannabis convictions, not for other criminal cases that are unrelated to cannabis. 

What Will Happen To Those With A Case?


Records of cannabis convictions will affect the travel of individuals outside Canada. The criminal case is difficult to clarify, especially if it is not removed from the penal code. People who had previous cases will find it difficult to go to another country.  But here is the good news: there are 500,000 Canadians who had  criminal records and had been removed from the legalization of the drug in the criminal code. Based on the law under the national cannabis campaign, expunging records in cannabis convictions low level will be good or individuals with  criminal cases will have relief. The amnesty campaign’s point is to stop the increase of cannabis convictions, and the only way to stop it is expungement. In this case, amnesty will be accomplished, and the option is the expungement. 

What Does Expungement Mean?

To explain further for a clearer view, expungement means the proper process of the government wherein the criminal record of a person with the first time case will be removed or erased. It is the time where a person can definitely removed his/her criminal record.

The Legalization Of Cannabis

It put a lot of pressure on the government to create the amnesty, and it happened after the legalization of cannabis. According to the Prime Minister, the legalization of cannabis takes a lot of effort to make it safe and to have a strict implementation of cannabis legalization for adults. After that, the individuals who have cannabis convictions from the past will be given a chance for clean slate.

They already proposed legislation for cases of cannabis convictions that will allow people of Canada to apply for an expungement order. Based on the government, many people face hardships for past cannabis convictions, including the difficulty in finding a job, house rent, and sports. It makes a huge impact on someone’s life with criminal records of cannabis possession in the past. The Canadian Government should consider each individual who committed past convictions. 

Because of the legalization of cannabis in Canada, people living there are allowed to sell and use  for medication. 

Why Should The Government Remove Cannabis Convictions

The government should remove cannabis convictions to help their fellow citizens have a better start over and help them find a job and apartment without their criminal cases. In Canada, you can’t find jobs and houses if you have past criminal records, and the only way is to remove the cannabis convictions. Now that Canada has legalized cannabis, the government should also help people who possess cannabis. There are lots of individuals involved in cannabis conviction, and they are facing difficulties in making a comeback in society.

Governments should understand the situation of each individual. Expungement of cannabis conviction will be a great help for people with past cases. It will help them create a better life  and also to clear out their records. Although this will not remove crimes from the past, this will help some people today, the government will be considerate now as the legalization of cannabis already happened in Canada. 

Through this, people who have committed crimes in the past will have a chance to clear their names. 


To conclude, cannabis convictions from the past should be removed, or the government should be considerate in each individual’s expungement. It will not tolerate or forget the past, but this will teach individuals who committed cannabis convictions crime before. Having difficulties finding a job, house, and traveling outside Canada are just a few of the hardships people who got convicted of cannabis go through. There are people who have already repent the crimes they committed like selling cannabis before its legalization. The government should be considerate in giving expungements to remove the people’s records and start with a clean slate. However, they will be afraid to commit crimes due to cannabis. 

Now that cannabis is legal in some countries including Canada, there should be no problem with it. The only thing to propose an amnesty is the expungement. It will help people with past cases of cannabis convictions. The government should be the one to help their fellow citizens as they face hardships and give them a chance to a new beginning. The legalization of cannabis happened, and thus expungement of cannabis convictions should also follow.

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