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An Overview of Utopia Haze cannabis strain

If you are looking for an amazing cerebral joyride, Utopia Haze is your buddy. Produced by the Barney’s Farm, this widely popular cannabis strain is quite well known for its long-lasting sativa high and had won multiple awards including the prestigious High Times Cannabis Cup in 2008. Utopia Haze produces a rejuvenating high that will make you feel euphoric and creative. This makes it extremely useful in combating depression, mood swings and fatigue. It is a perfect daytime strain for sativa aficionados who like to stay active while enjoying the bliss of marijuana at the same time.

Strain genetics of Utopia Haze

Utopia Haze is a 90% Sativa cannabis strain that is derived from a Brazilian landrace. The strain, which was crossbred over three years by following a strict selection process, presents strong genetics. These densely packed, deep green buds with fiery amber pistils contain high amounts of THC (18-22%) and very low levels of CBD (0.6-0.8%) in them. The strain has a rich terpene profile which gives it a uniquely refreshing aroma and flavor.

Aroma and flavor

The unique terpene profile of the strain produces an exotic, refreshing scent that combines spicy, sweet, and citrusy notes. Upon inhaling, Utopia Haze leaves a fresh earthy smell in your nostrils. The taste is also amazing. From sweet and spicy to fruity and minty – the strain presents a complex mix of mouthwatering flavors.

Effects and medicinal benefits of Utopia Haze

Being a high-THC, sativa-dominant strain, Utopia Haze produces a strong cerebral high. After taking this strain, you can expect feelings of extreme relaxation, creative energy, euphoria and happiness which will take you to a truly utopian paradise in your mind. The sedating effect is pleasant and never clogs your head. It is kind of a ‘middle of the road sativa’ which will let you remain active and work without making you stoned for hours. This makes Utopia Haze an ideal daytime toke. However, Utopia Haze produces only a clear, head-high. If you are looking for a stronger body-high, this is probably not the ideal strain for you.

The strain has a range of therapeutic benefits that can be used to treat a multitude of medical conditions. The high THC content of the strain makes it very useful for relieving different kinds of pains including headaches, migraines, muscle aches, arthritis etc. The slightly sedative and highly relaxing qualities of the strain not only relieve pain but also provide an effective remedy for sleep disorders, insomnia, and muscle tension.

The euphoric cerebral effects of Utopia Haze have their healing benefits. The bursts of creative energies, feelings of happiness and extreme relaxation all work to combat chronic depression, stress, anxiety, mood disorders and fatigue. As experts suggest, the strain is quite effective in treating a range of other health symptoms and conditions like glaucoma, eye pressure etc. More importantly, all these effects are quite long-lasting. This makes the strain uniquely helpful for medical patients who can get longer relief from their symptoms.


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