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Pot Session Etiquette You Should Bear in Mind

Isn’t it fun to be around people with the same interests as you do? You get to hang out with each other and enjoy the things you all like to do. The same thing goes for smoking weed. Even if you are enjoying this amazing plant by yourself, it is more fun to engage in a community of other potheads like you. Through your fellow pothead mates, you will make new friends and reinforce your ties. However, it is not all fun and games as there are some pot session etiquette that you need to follow to get along with other potheads effectively.
In this article, we will discuss some pot session etiquette that you must adhere to so that you can fully enjoy weed with the company of other potheads.

Why Is It Important To Know?

Before we introduce you to our list of pot session etiquette, let us first discuss how important it is. Growing up, your parents, guardians, and teachers have taught you good manners. It is to hone and guide you to become a decent person and to conduct yourself rightfully in society. Having good manners has also helped you in socializing with other people.

For the marijuana community, it is also best to properly behave yourself and show good manners to your fellow potheads. Nobody wants to smoke with an irresponsible and irritating smoker. It all goes down to who you are and how you present yourself. Fellow potheads will like you if you have good pot session etiquette. You may get invited now and then for pot sessions. Otherwise, having poor pot session etiquette will spoil the fun, and you may not get invited ever again.

The Pot Session Etiquette

If you are smoking weed for some time now, you may already have a glimpse of some pot session etiquette. However, for a beginner, you may not have any idea at all. If you are going to be invited for a pot session, carefully read the following common rules that you must follow so that your fellow potheads will like you.

Bring Your Stash

When going to a pot session, it is a nice gesture to bring some stash with you. Even if the host or your fellow potheads will get theirs, it is still polite to offer your own. You don’t need to bring large quantities, especially if you are strapped for cash. Even at modest amounts, your fellow potheads will appreciate it.

The First Hit Goes To The Guests

If you are the host, it is common courtesy to let your guests have the first hit or what we call the green hit. Show them hospitality and make them feel welcomed to your pot session whether it is in your place or not.

Don’t Burn The Bowl

Speaking of the green hit, if you are offered to be the first one to take the hit, or there is still a green hit left, don’t keep it for yourself. The green hit is the best, and your fellow potheads also want to enjoy that hit too. Don’t burn the whole surface, light up a small corner and save some for the next person.

Tell Them If You Are Sick

If you have a cold or are feeling unwell, but you still want to attend the pot session, tell your fellow potheads about it. Marijuana has many health benefits, but you don’t want to infect your fellow potheads and pass your cold to them. Let’s make it healthy and don’t share the pipe when you are sick. You can ask your fellow pothead to create a separate piece for you so that you can still enjoy the pot session.

Always Remove Seeds And Stems

You don’t need to keep the seeds and stems unless you are trying to grow cannabis. Don’t throw them on the joint or bowl if you want to keep them. They taste bad when burned and will cause the joint or bowl to pop or spark.

Be Honest If You Can’t Roll A Joint

Don’t act cool by letting the fellow potheads know what you are doing. A poorly rolled joint may be unsmokable and will waste the weed. Be frank and never be ashamed to admit if you don’t know how to roll a joint or you don’t have the rolling skills. Don’t be embarrassed; they won’t make fun of you. Instead, they may give you a helping hand so that you can improve your rolling skills.

The Roller Is The Sparker

There is an effort made when rolling the joint; thus, the roller should be rewarded to be the one to spark it up. However, if the person who brought the weed wants to be the one to spark it, they should be given a chance to do so.

The Weed Is Passed In A Clockwise Direction

It is important to establish a direction wherein the weed is passed. Commonly, it is passed on the left-hand side, making a clockwise direction. It is done so that the weed is guaranteed to be shared equally by everyone, especially when the pot session goes to the point where people start getting high.

Puff, Puff, Pass

When attending a large circle, it is polite to take a single hit from a pipe or two hits from a joint before passing it to the next person. But if you are attending a small circle, it will be alright to take three to four hits before passing it. Regardless, it is common courtesy for a pot session to apply the puff, puff, pass rule.

Mind Your Saliva

Nobody wants to puff a joint that is full of someone else’s saliva. Be polite and don’t slobber the joint. If it can’t be helped, wipe the mouthpiece before passing it to the next person. You don’t need to be conscious about it the entire pot session since the cottonmouth effect will kick in after a joint or two.

Hit First, Tell Your Stories After

Of course, when there are gatherings, there are also stories to tell. You may have a lot of things to share with your circle, and the effects of weed may make you talk nonstop. However, if it is your turn to take the hit, stay silent and take the hit first. You don’t want to annoy your fellow potheads by stopping the rotation of the weed. You can continue your stories after you passed the hit to the next person.

Don’t Force Someone To Smoke Weed

If there is someone in the group who only smokes weed in small amounts, don’t force them to take more. If they don’t want to get high, don’t force them to smoke weed that will knock them out cold. If there is someone who happens to go with the group but doesn’t smoke weed, don’t force them to try it. Respect their decisions and don’t make them uncomfortable. Make the pot session enjoyable for all.

Never Blow Smoke On Someone Else’s Face

It may just be common sense even if you are in a pot session. It isn’t nice to blow smoke on someone else’s face. However, you may do this when you are invited for a shotgun joint.

Don’t Pass A Cashed Bowl

If you feel that the bowl is cashed, but you are unsure, tell the next person to be careful. A cashed bowl might give a smoker a mouthful of ash. It is best if you have a stirrer near you so you can guarantee that the bowl is cashed and is not just half-trashed. If it is already cashed, you can reload the bowl with your herb or ask the host or your fellow pothead who offers to reload the bowl.

Treat The Bong Or Pipe With Care

Handle the equipment with care, especially if it is made of glass. When passing the boss, carefully hand it over to the next person and make sure that they are on hold of it before you let go of your grip.

Clear The Chamber

Before passing the bong or pipe, make sure that you let the air out first. The smoke that stayed long inside the chamber is awful and can cause a mean cough. If you can’t clear it, you can blow it out through a carburetor.


If it is your first time attending a pot session, make an excellent first impression. Follow the listed pot session etiquette and your fellow potheads will surely like you. Marijuana has plenty of advantages to offer. It is not limited to physical and mental health benefits, but it also creates and strengthens bonds with other people.


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