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Unveiling the Truth: The Mislabeled Hemp and CBD

A recent investigation conducted by CBD Oracle uncovered widespread mislabeling and deceptive practices among hemp products available on Amazon. This study, spanning December 2023 to January 2024, revealed that a significant portion of these products did not adhere to their advertised contents. Specifically, 30% of the items tested contained undisclosed CBD, while a staggering 36% lacked any form of hemp content, including hempseed oil. Additionally, the analysis identified products with substantial amounts of delta-8 THC and numerous instances of unverified medical claims.

The selection process for this study involved purchasing 56 items from Amazon, using keywords like “CBD gummies,” “hemp,” and “delta gummies.” The assortment of products evaluated included 45 gummies, eight tinctures, two topical creams, and one pack of mints, all of which were listed for sale in violation of Amazon’s stated policy against such items. These products underwent thorough testing at InfiniteCal Labs.

Erik Paulson, PhD, the laboratory manager at InfiniteCAL, emphasized the uncertainty consumers face when purchasing hemp or CBD products from Amazon. He highlighted the potential variance in product contents, ranging from CBD-infused items to those devoid of any hemp content.

Investigation Found

The investigation found notable inconsistencies in the CBD content across the 17 products that did contain CBD, with amounts per package varying dramatically. Furthermore, over 60% of the products lacked any cannabinoids, and nearly half were completely devoid of hemp. Alarmingly, six products had detectable THC levels, with three showcasing exceptionally high concentrations of delta-8 THC.

Despite these findings, the study reported that all products claiming to have undergone safety testing presented clean lab reports. However, over half of the products examined made unapproved health-related claims, suggesting benefits for conditions such as sleep issues, anxiety, and colds. Some even depicted images implying relief for specific body areas, a practice frowned upon by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

CBD Oracle estimates Amazon’s hemp market value at approximately $64 million annually, despite the platform’s official prohibition of such sales. This figure could potentially rise to $125 million per year, underscoring the significant impact of these deceptive practices on consumers and the marketplace.

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