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Survey Finds: Most Canadian Cannabis Consumers Prefer Legal Sources

In a recent national survey conducted in Canada, an impressive 71.7% of cannabis consumers reported that they exclusively patronize the regulated market for their purchases. This shift towards legal channels is underscored by several key factors influencing consumer choices.
A significant 38% of respondents highlighted product safety concerns as their primary motivation for buying legally. The convenience offered by the legal market was a decisive factor for 16.9% of those surveyed, while 12.9% cited adherence to law as their reason for choosing legal outlets.

Survey Reveals

The survey reveals recent cannabis product preferences: dried flower tops at 62.1%, followed by infused edibles at 57.1%. Younger users favor vape pens, while older ones prefer infused topicals and oral cannabis oils. Men over 25 prefer flower products more than women in the same age group (70.2% vs. 48.4%).

Furthermore, the survey revealed significant usage patterns across different age groups. More than one-third of individuals aged 18-24 (38.4%) and those between 25-44 (34.5%) reported using cannabis at least once in the previous 12 months. This contrasted sharply with just 15.5% of adults over 45 years of age engaging in cannabis use within the same timeframe.

In 2018, Canada made history by legalizing adult-use cannabis, becoming one of the first countries to do so globally. Despite this milestone, challenges remain. A recent report revealed that licensed Canadian cannabis companies have had to discard 3.7 million pounds of cannabis due to outdated or inferior quality. This underscores persistent issues like oversupply and quality control, shaping the landscape of Canada’s cannabis industry.

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