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Unveil the Sploof: Your Ultimate Weed Odor Solution

Discover a game-changer in weed odor control – the sploof! Say goodbye to makeshift solutions like towel-stuffed doors and embrace a new era of discrete smoking.

What is a sploof exactly?

A sploof stands as a revolutionary tool for weed enthusiasts looking to minimize that tell-tale aroma. Crafted from everyday items or available in sophisticated models, this handheld smoke filter works wonders by sifting out particles from exhaled smoke, effectively toning down its fragrance.

Why should you opt for a sploof?

While sploofs may not entirely eradicate odors, they certainly mitigate the unmistakable scent of cannabis. In a world where weed fragrance carries social implications, using a sploof can be a courteous gesture, especially in settings where public consumption remains restricted.

The efficacy of sploofs

The effectiveness of your sploof hinges on its construction or source. While a commercial-grade electronic sploof triumphs over a DIY version, even the simplest homemade sploof – fashioned from household items – can significantly diminish airborne weed odors.

Harness the power of a sploof

Whether you fashion your own or invest in a ready-made device, operating a sploof is a breeze. Post-inhaling, direct your exhaled smoke into the sploof, and watch it filter out the pungent remnants seamlessly.

Extend the lifespan of your sploof

The durability of a sploof varies greatly. A rudimentary sploof crafted from basic materials may offer limited use, whereas automated models sport filters capable of enduring hundreds of draws before necessitating replacement. Embrace the discreet allure of a sploof to curtail cannabis odors and demonstrate respect for those around you.

How to Create an Affordable and Easy DIY Sploof

Looking to craft a sploof quickly and inexpensively? Creating your own DIY sploof is a straightforward and cost-effective solution. To assemble your homemade sploof, follow these easy steps:

Materials You’ll Need:

1 finished toilet paper roll
6 dryer sheets
2 rubber bands


Fill the toilet paper roll with four dryer sheets.
Cover one end of the roll with two additional dryer sheets.
Secure the dryer sheets tightly over the end using rubber bands.

By following these steps, you can fashion a functional sploof without spending a fortune. Additionally, feel free to personalize your sploof by adding decorations. Consider naming it “David Blowie” as a nod to the famous rockstar’s 1976 cannabis-related arrest or embellishing it with faux jewels for an artistic touch.

Making a Sploof Without Dryer Sheets

If you prefer not to use dryer sheets or don’t have them on hand, you can still create a sploof using alternative materials. While this method may not be as effective as using dryer sheets, it can still serve its purpose. Here’s what you’ll need:

1 finished toilet paper roll
1-2 paper towels
Air freshener or fragrance of your choice
2 rubber bands

Follow these steps to create a sploof without dryer sheets:

Apply air freshener or fragrance to the paper towels.
Insert part of the scented paper towel into the toilet paper roll.
Cover one end of the roll with the remaining paper towel, ensuring it retains the desired fragrance.
Secure the paper towels firmly over the end using rubber bands.

Top Purchasable Sploofs

While DIY sploofs are convenient, commercially available sploofs offer enhanced features such as chambers and carbon filters, providing a more comprehensive smoke-filtering experience. Here are some recommended sploofs that you can purchase online or in stores:


Cost: $20-30
The Smokebuddy, a handheld smoke filter, has been a staple since 2008, continually improving its design.
Available in various visual styles like tie-dye, camo, and assorted colors.
Estimated to last for approximately 300 exhales.

Eco Four Twenty

Cost: $30 US; $35 CAD
Replacement Filters: $15 US; $21 CAD (pack of 2)
Features an aircraft-grade aluminum casing with replaceable activated carbon and HEPA filters.
Boasts durability and eco-friendliness with a stylish design suitable for any setting.


Cost: $22 US; $25 CAD
Replacement Filters: $30 US; $38 CAD (pack of 3)
Known for its reusable smoke filter system and biodegradable components.
Offers long-lasting usage and a sustainable solution for smoke filtration.

Investing in a quality sploof can elevate your smoking experience by providing efficient smoke filtration and long-term usability. Explore these recommended options to find the perfect fit for your needs.

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