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Medical Cannabis Can Reduce Essential Tremor

Medical marijuana is a controversial topic. And there’s something more to be learned about cannabis. However, scholars from the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences’ Department of Neuroscience had made a new finding that could be critical to future medical cannabis testing and therapy. And it is one of their recent reports that medicinal cannabis can reduce essential tremors. It is still undergoing rigorous studies to explore its possibilities. 

Thus, this article will discuss how medical cannabis can reduce essential tremors, its effects on the body, and the science behind this discovery.

How Effective Is Medical Cannabis In Treating Essential Tremor?

There is a chemical substance found both in cannabis and the nervous system, which is cannabidiol. The scientists used a mouse model to show that synthesized medical cannabis can reduce essential tremor by stimulating spinal cord and brain support cells recognized as astrocytes. Prior studies into medical cannabis have concentrated on nerve cells or neurons. 

While medical cannabis can help with essential tremors, the cannabinoid may also help with sclerosis and spinal cord injuries, both of which cause involuntary shaking, as per the study’s lead author, Associate Professor Jean-François Perrier of the Department of Neuroscience. Moreover, researchers found that injecting the cannabidiol or so-called the WIN55,212-2 into the spinal cord activates the astrocytes and causes them to start releasing the stimulant adenosine, which diminishes nerve signals and thus the unwanted shaking, thus proving that medical cannabis can reduce essential tremor.  

By adopting this strategy, researchers will prevent directly impacting the brain neurons responsible for our cognitive and memory skills. Furthermore, they will be able to offer efficacious treatment to individuals suffering from involuntary shaking without subjecting them to any of the most uncommon effects of medical cannabidiol. Thus, medical cannabis can reduce essential tremors; and the following process will be to conduct clinical trials on patients suffering from critical tremors to see if the new strategy has a similar effect on the human body.


More studies need to test whether medical cannabis can reduce essential tremor efficacy, particularly in the human body. In mice, drug treatment has been shown to decrease essential tremors. Injecting a particular psychoactive chemical into the spinal cords of mice with a critical tremor has been demonstrated to lessen involuntary shaking by activating a specific kind of cell known as an astrocyte.



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