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Cannabis Legalization And Fatal Collisions

Countries that have legalized cannabis for recreational and medical purposes are slowly and steadily increasing as generations pass by. As such, reported fatal collisions have also increased annually with the prime cause of cannabis consumption. Cannabis legalization and fatal collisions are tightly associated together into causing the increase of percentages of drivers who have consumed cannabis to be involved in lots of accidents. Drivers in Washington that were involved in fatal collisions were found to have tetrahydrocannabinol in their blood before and after the cannabis legalization. Every individual, especially those who own and can maneuver vehicles should be heavily warned to never consume cannabis as they have the highest possibility of getting involved in fatal collisions.

Thus, in this article, we will be discussing the information in regards to cannabis legalization and fatal collisions, its cause and effects, and other related information connected to it.

Despite the uncertain percentage on how cannabis affects crash risk for individual drivers, it still remains true that the overall crash rates did increase since the beginning of cannabis legalization. Such fatal collisions are the resulting form driving recklessly without proper preparation before setting out and while doing so. Drivers who are high on marijuana respond more slowly, have more trouble paying attention, keeping their car’s place in the lane, and tend to make more errors when anything does go wrong than drivers who are sober, according to driving simulator studies. Marijuana-impaired drivers, on the other hand, are more likely to drive at slower speeds, try fewer overtakes, and maintain a greater space between their car and the one ahead of them, according to such testing.

Evidence on the association of cannabis legalization and fatal collisions may still be lacking but the fact that consuming marijuana greatly impairs an individual’s judgement, motor coordination, and reaction time proves it to cause accidents and fatal collisions. Studies found a strong and direct relationship between blood THC concentration and impaired driving ability, resulting to a person’s life being at stake.


Since cannabis legalization has been approved of in different states and countries, both health care professionals and the individual should take it upon themselves to educate patients and for the individuals to seek to be educated by professionals to avoid any fatal collision form happening. Driving must properly be prepared for and no harmful substances must enter the driver’s body. THC within a person’s system greatly impairs a person physically and mentally.

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