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Best Weed PodcastsTo Follow

Weed podcasts are collections of digital audio files of spoken words about cannabis products or subjects that can be downloaded on your personal computer where you can easily listen to them. Each podcast involves one or more guest participants in a discussion of a particular subject or event about cannabis.

Weed podcasts have distinct cannabis subjects. If you want to be updated on the cannabis industry, you can follow one of the weed podcasts we will address on this website.

The 2020 Top Weed Podcast Channels That You Should Follow

Marijuana Today

A podcast about the business and politics of cannabis, it’s a bit of a nerdy and has more in-depth talk. It’s for those who want to take a look at the current cannabis news behind the scenes. This podcast has one episode per week.

Dude Grows Shows Cannabis Podcast

The Dude Grows Show Cannabis Podcast brings you awareness, news and culture of excellent marijuana growth. Each episode is full of information that teaches you how to grow cannabis indoors and out. This podcast has four episodes per week.

Weeds Day Wednesday

This is a live medical marijuana radio show about cannabis. It contains interviews, news, strain reviews, product reviews and medical marijuana data on anything and all. This podcast has two episodes per week.

In The Weeds Expert Analysis On Cannabis And Marijuana Podcast

To receive recent posts, news and information about marijuana, watch this podcast from time to time. This podcast has one episode per week.

Professionally Cannabis

Professionally Cannabis is a presentation for Buyers, Developers and Connoisseurs of the emerging cannabis industry. This podcast has two episodes per month.

The Mary Jane Experience

Join them in Boulder, CO on an unbiased journey through the cannabis industry. This podcast has six episodes per quarter.

Sufficiently Chai

Welcome to Chai Sufficiency. Lindsey and Rachel are two Jewish blondes who have declared themselves as professional marijuana smokers and very amateur scholars of the Torah. This podcast has one episode per year.


This podcast airs one episode per day and talks about the leading voices of the rapidly expanding business of the cannabis industry. The podcast features the who’s who in the marijuana industry weekly. They discuss the developments and technologies that form the market. You can listen in and learn what is happening in the cannabis industry every week!

The Green Rush

They speak to newsmakers on the front line every week. This podcast is all about the cannabis industry and those creating the legal market for cannabis. It has one episode per week.

The Cannabis Diversity Report With Tahir Johnson

This is hosted by Tahir Johnson, the National Cannabis Industry Association’s inclusion officer. It talks about cannabis industry owners, advocates, allies and talks every week. It also discusses social equity problems and highlights experiences, challenges and success stories as cannabis industry minorities. This podcast has three episodes per week.

Connect In Cannabis

It has insights on an exciting and brilliant time in the industry. Wrazel brings in the most critical people in this podcast, from pioneering CEOs to celebrities and lawmakers. Hosted by Brian Holler, “Connect In Cannabis” showcases the who’s who of today’s cannabis industry. This podcast has 11 episodes per quarter.

More Than Just A Stoner

A stoner who enjoys talking and learning as he talks to prominent and inspired entrepreneurs and professionals as well, that’s JD! Not all stoners sit around eating Xbox pizza. Unfortunately, JD’s weed-smoking butt might waffle on about his own life and thoughts along the way. This podcast has one episode per day.

Oops Caught Me Smoking

This podcast talks about all the advantages of medical marijuana, digging into the excellent state of Michigan’s finest Medical Marijuana clinic and services. They also discuss how those strains can assist with symptoms such as insomnia, pain headaches, etc. This podcast has one episode per day.

HI-TV Cannabis News Now

This podcast is devoted to bringing you a dab of funny news, facts, and fiery views. They do medical marijuana tips, marijuana industry news, CBD oil company reviews, and so much more. Keep tuned to HI-TV! This podcast has one episode per month.

Vote Pro Pot Cast

This podcast has one episode a day, discussing in an educational, controversial and often irrelevant way all aspects of cannabis legalization and reform.

Consider Cannabis

This podcast shares the perspective of medical marijuana patients and presents proof of the health benefits of using cannabis for their well-being. There’s 1 episode per quarter of it.

Veterans For Cannabis

It is hosted by educators who educate doctors, patients, and legislators on how to speak freely, frankly, and informatively about the use of cannabis. Sharing experiences on how medical marijuana can save lives. This podcast has 1 episode per month.

Today’s CBD and Wellness Show

This podcast has one episode every month to talk to health and well-being practitioners involved in improving mind, body and soul conditions. It highlights CBD as a health treatment.

The Cannabis Enigma

There are two episodes a month that explores medical marijuana, what it can do, human stories, and questions that we all wonder about but no one ever asks. It features in-depth talks about cannabis by doctors, patients, scientists, and friends and is hosted by Elana Goldberg and Michael Schaeffer Omer-Man. The Cannigma and The Americans For Safe Access bring you this podcast.

Kannaboom Cannabis For Wellness

Cannabis and hemp are safe treatments for insomnia, anxiety, inflammation, epilepsy, PTSD and other conditions discussed in this podcast. Experts on all aspects of cannabis are also consulted, including science, history, law and trade. In this podcast, you have a lot to understand concerning cannabis. This podcast has 1 episode per week.

The Cannabis Conversion Medical Cannabis CBD Hemp

This podcast talks to a broad range of guests who are helping shape this burgeoning industry. They interview patients, lawyers, physicians, scientists, developers, investors, and many more since cannabis is becoming popular. Keep tuned to this podcast as they discover how and why a big global company is being born by this much-maligned and misunderstood herb. There are four episodes per month.

The Cannabis Podcast Powered By Trulieve

Hosted by Ian Beckles, this podcast will bring you all the latest news, expert talk, and scientific information in and around the medical cannabis community every Wednesday. They air one episode per week.

The Marijuana Solution-Podcast

There’s one episode per quarter talking about the cannabis industry around the world.

Cannabis Health Radio Podcast

This podcast is all about the powerful experiences of people who use cannabis to treat their conditions. It also features some interviews with medical professionals in the industry. They air one episode a day.

Periodic Effects Cannabis Business And Science Podcast

It is hosted by Wayne Schwind, the CEO and founder of Periodic Edibles, a cannabis-infused caramel company. This podcast focuses on the cannabis sector and research and takes a closer look at the cannabis industry’s business owners, founders and executives. They air one episode per week.

Let’s Talk About Medical Cannabis with Dr O

This podcast is just for purposes of education and should not be taken as medical advice. Dr O, a licensed cannabis medicinal pharmacist, will speak about alternative ways to use the therapeutic power of botanicals such as cannabinoids to improve your health and well-being. They air two episodes per quarter.

I Am Cannabis Sativa

This podcast addresses cannabis news and politics, as well as a detailed medical and scientific discussion of different diseases and ailments. It is also an Indie-Populist podcast geared towards activism. It holds interviews about their medicinal cannabis journey with ordinary people. They also addressed the preferred ingestion strategies and tips about how to treat various diseases. For MMJ patients, this is a peer-oriented space to exchange information and expertise with each other. They air one episode every day.

Cannabis Quest

Hosted by Courtney and Hunter, this podcast will help you learn more about medicinal cannabis, appreciate it and find your best match. As a consumer, this podcast is your one-stop-shop to grasp the intricacies of the ever-evolving medical cannabis industry and even chat about how strains make you feel down to earth. The host of this podcast is not a medical professional and any claims made are intended for the first cannabis experience to help patients make their decisions. This podcast airs once per quarter.

Edge Of Cannabis Medicine

This podcast has two episodes a month and will speak about the evolution of the cannabis industry. For over 5000 years, individuals have been using cannabis plants as medicine. It is becoming famous because of its medicinal effects on specific diseases. We finally can explore what this plant is capable of when it becomes legal in some countries, and our potential technically increases exponentially.

Medical Cannabis Podcast: A Beginners Guide

This podcast is perfect for you if you want to learn more about medicinal cannabis and whether it can help improve your health. Regardless of whether you are a senior or a beginner, the podcast’s pharmacist and nutritional counsellor will make it easy for you to understand information about medical cannabis. It has four episodes per year.

The Medical Podcast

Dr Craig Hauser is being interviewed on this podcast weekly and answers all the insider questions from patients, experts, budtenders and growers about medicinal cannabis. This podcast on weeds airs one episode a week.

Cannabis Marketing

If you want free advice on the marketing of cannabis, then this is for you. This podcast is a full-service marketing agency specializing in helping its customers expand in the cannabis space. It airs five episodes per year.


You have a lot of options on what kind of weed podcasts you’re going to follow, as described above, where you get more ideas about medicinal cannabis. You will be updated with these podcasts about the numerous cannabis concerns that may be bothering you. With the help of these podcasts, you can learn various health tips on how you can use cannabis more effectively.



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