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Vancouver Makes History as First Canadian City to Regulate Cannabis Sales

In a groundbreaking move, the Vancouver city council recently implemented new regulations and a licensing procedure aimed at formalizing the operations of illicit marijuana enterprises. Marking a significant step towards regulatory compliance within the Canadian cannabis industry.

Despite the progressive stance taken by the Supreme Court of Canada in legalizing medical cannabis in all its variations. Stringent federal statutes continue to prohibit the commercial sale of marijuana through brick-and-mortar establishments.

Under the updated guidelines, dispensaries are now prohibited from conducting business within a 300-meter radius of educational institutions, community facilities, or competing cannabis stores. Moreover, they must obtain a specialized business license costing $30,000, a substantial increase from the standard licensing fee of $250.

This decision by the city council underscores Vancouver’s persistent divergence from federal narcotics legislation. A trend exemplified by the explicit declaration of the Vancouver police force that combating the cannabis trade is not a primary focus for law enforcement. Prior to reaching this verdict, the council engaged in extensive public consultations. Eliciting feedback from over 200 individuals through both verbal testimonies and written submissions. Highlighting the ongoing discord between local governance and overarching federal drug policies.

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