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Top Cannabis Strains for Working from Home


Until the world heals and the global health crises is solved, it is more likely that the Work From Home situation is here to stay. People are forced to learn how to close sales, manage transactions, conduct meetings, and support customers remotely.

Working from home presents a lot of distractions that challenge your concentration. Besides drinking caffeine, and taking concentration pills such as Adderall and Dexedrine, smoking weed can help you Zen the distractions out and focus on your tasks.

The right weed strains can help you get through the hectic work at home.

How to choose the right strain?

Different strains affect people differently. The cannabis effects are influenced by different factors including age, tolerance, height, weight, and mode of delivery. You can experiment on different strains to find the one that will deliver your desired effects.


This strain has oftentimes higher levels of CBD. Indica is perfect if you want to feel euphoric while being calm, focused and productive.


While others are focused when taking THC-dominant strain, others get the dope with Sativa. This strain could be perfect to end your workday.


Hybrid strains balance the effects of Sativa and Indica. This strain is perfect for beginners who are clueless about how cannabis can make them feel. Hybrids can also activate your cerebral functions.

Now that we get the strains out of the way, here are the top strains you can try to boost your productivity at work.

  1. Green Crack

With less than 1% of CBD and 15 to 18% of THC, this very energizing strain will perk up your day. Enjoy the earthy, sweet flavor of Green Crack as you tick off your to-do list. If you lack the motivation to power through your tasks, Green Crack will definitely save your day. Green Crack is also ideal if you plan to pull an all-nighter for that dreaded monthly report.

  1. Budzilla

Running out of creative juice? Let Budzilla fire you up. The hybrid strain is a combination of Trainwreck and Chem 91 that will keep you jazzed and eventually relaxed. With its THC levels of 20%, this energizing strain is what you need before attending a proposal meeting over Zoom or applying the design revisions.

3.    Chem Dawg

Also known as Chem Dog, this strain has 16 to 22% of tetrahydrocannabinol and less than 1% of CBD. Chem D has a terpene profile that sends an energizing pepper and citrus aroma. The Sativa-dominant strain is a favorite among creative people from artists to musicians. Besides boosting your productivity and getting your creative juice flowing, Chem D also helps manage your anxiety and stress. Fair warning to beginners though, Chem D has potent effect.

  1. Jack Herer

Want to stay on top of your tasks? Then puff some Jack Herrerr. This strain has 17.5% THC level with herbal, fruity and terpene profile. The Sativa-dominant strain will leave you feeling energized, uplifted, and focused for your tasks. Jack Herer hopes to capture cerebral elevation. Those who have puff Jack Herrer reported having a clearer head and creativity.

5.    Harlequin

Harlequin has 3 to 6% of THC and 7 to 10% of CBD that works well for anxious people. This strain is a crowd favorite as it boosts creativity and productivity. If you are suffering from chronic pain, Harlequin can provide pain relief. Harlequin is very mild which gives you a sense of balance, allowing you to stay focused and productive.

6.    Blue Dream

Let your creativity and productivity kick in as you smoke Blue Dream. The Sativa-dominant strain is among the most popular strains with berry, blueberry, and earthy terpene profile. Perfect for brainstorming and creative processes, the blue dream can help you get things done. Blue Dream isn’t for beginners though as it has potent and powerful cerebral effects.

7.   White Widow

White Widow is a crowd favorite with its interesting notes of peach, fruit, skunk, and spice. This iconic strain is so famous that it’s virtually found everywhere. Besides managing chronic fatigue and joint pain, this Strain delivers energizing effects while helping you stay focused on the tasks at hand.

  1. Tangie

Tangie is a cross between California Orange and a Skunk hybrid.  This strain will uplift your spirit, gives you a burst of energy, and allows you to stay focused. Smoking tangie will make even the most boring and dreadful workday at home bearable. The THC level of Tangie is above average which makes it suitable for the intermediate or advanced user.

Staying focused at work during these times takes extra work. Remember to take a break when necessary and go easy on yourself. The line between working and taking a break can be blurry when you are working from home since your home is associated with relaxation, fun, and rest. It is best to set an alarm to remind you to rest and try these recommended strains to get you in the zone.

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