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Samuel Adams Introduced New Cannabis-Infused Iced Tea in Canada

The Boston Beer Company, known for brewing iconic beverages like Samuel Adams and Truly Hard Seltzer. Stepping into the cannabis market with its latest venture, TeaPot. This new line of cannabis-infused iced teas is slated to hit select Canadian provinces in July.

TeaPot’s debut offering, Good Day Iced Tea, is a refreshing lemon black tea infused with Pedro’s Sweet Sativa. Sourced from licensed producer Entourage Health Corp in Strathroy, Ontario. These 12-ounce cans, exclusively available in Canada under the retail brand Color Cannabis, pack a punch with 5 milligrams of THC per serving.

Paul Weaver, the director and head of cannabis at The Boston Beer Company, explained, “We carefully dose each can for enhancing social gatherings with friends and family.”

Stating the Aim

CEO Dave Burwick emphasized the company’s commitment to innovation in the consumer-focused beverage sector. “Our aim is to lead as the most innovative consumer-centric beverage company globally. While beer is central to our brand, our diverse product range includes successful ventures into hard teas, ciders, seltzers, and canned cocktails. We see great potential in the cannabis beverage market and view it as a frontier for innovation. As we anticipate regulatory progress in the U.S., we will continue developing an exciting product lineup in Canada.”

Recent data from a Headset report underscores the rapid growth of Canada’s infused beverage market. Which has surged by nearly 850% since 2020, surpassing the size of the U.S. cannabis beverage market.

Looking ahead, The Boston Beer Company plans to introduce additional TeaPot varieties in the near future. The company established a subsidiary in Canada in 2021 to focus on developing non-alcoholic cannabis beverages, further solidifying its commitment to pioneering innovative offerings in the regulated Canadian market.

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