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An overview of Jamaican Dream cannabis strain

One of the favorites of sativa-lovers, the Jamaican Dream strain is a prized product of the famous Spanish seedbank Eva Seeds. The unique tropical citrus scent and the subtly sweet flavor of the strain are great for elevating mood and combat depression, stress, or fatigue. The amazing sativa effects of the Jamaican Dream, along with its unique aroma-flavor profile, have made it a winner of multiple cannabis awards. It is a THC high strain that can have a range of therapeutic benefits for medical patients.

Strain genetics of Jamaican Dream

The sativa dominant hybrid (90% sativa and 10% indica) has very strong genetics. It is bred from Jamaican sativa landraces. The plants are fast blooming and produce buds that are large in size, thick and pointed. They are usually pale sea-green in color with occasional radiant purple pistils and covered in white crystalline trichomes. In ideal conditions, the plant reaches its full maturity in seven to eight weeks and produces 16 ounces of flowers in a season. These highly potent flowers come with a high THC content, usually ranging from 15% to 21%, and a CBD level below 1%. Jamaican Dream has a rich terpene profile which includes myrcene, caryophyllene, alpha-pinene, limonene, linalool among others.

Aroma and flavors of Jamaican Dream

The unique terpene profile of the strain gives it an amazing mix of scents and flavors. As various users have noted, Jamaican Dream has a dominant tropical citrus smell combined with subtle pineapple and mellow woody, piney notes. The taste is smooth and elegant. When you exhale the smoke, there is a identifiable spicy and citrusy flavor.

Effects and medicinal benefits of Jamaican Dream

Jamaican Dream is quite well known for producing highly potent sativa highs. The high THC content of the strain ensures that the effects are cerebral. It produces a light-headed euphoria, uplifted mood and bouts of happiness in the user. The effects of the Jamaican Dream hit fast and make the users extremely energetic and creative without making them feel too buzzed. These characteristics of the strain make it ideal for the treatment of depression, stress, anxiety, fatigue and PTSD among other conditions. The strain is said to help in increasing focus too and this can be very useful for ADHD patients who have trouble concentrating. They also make it a perfect daytime strain which allows you to remain active and work. It won’t make you feel sleepy or couch-locked. Some even suggest that the Jamaican Dream is one of the best strains to smoke with your morning coffee and it will give you the energy and willpower to go through all your boring, mundane chores of the day.

The high THC content has other medicinal benefits as well. It is extremely useful in alleviating chronic pains of different kinds. The pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory properties of the Jamaican Dream can be extremely helpful for patients suffering from arthritis, headaches, migraine, muscle spasms, and nausea. However, if you have a low THC tolerance, you should avoid the Jamaican Dream which comes with an elevated tetrahydrocannabinol level.


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