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Native Leaf Co Unveils Exclusive Whole-Leaf Hemp Wraps

Native Leaf Co proudly presents its groundbreaking line of hemp leaf wraps sourced directly from handpicked cannabis plants. In a bold move, Native Leaf Co leads the industry as the first and only company to offer all-natural hemp wraps crafted from meticulously cured hemp leaves. This initiative marks a significant milestone as it addresses the longstanding challenge faced by cannabis enthusiasts in acquiring fan leaves, a variety renowned for its distinct properties. Unlike conventional methods that require personal plant cultivation, Native Leaf Co’s innovative approach democratizes access to premium hemp wraps, ushering in a new era of sustainability within the industry.

Embracing Sustainability Through Innovative Creation

Native Leaf Co’s production philosophy revolves around the utilization of fan leaves, an often overlooked resource in the cannabis realm. By repurposing these leaves that are traditionally discarded, the brand champions a sustainable ethos that resonates with environmentally conscious consumers. Each leaf undergoes a stringent quality assessment, ensuring optimal condition and size, thereby upholding the brand’s commitment to excellence.

Diverse Product Offerings Catered to Your Preferences

Reflecting a commitment to versatility, Native Leaf Co presents a diverse range of hemp wraps tailored to suit varying preferences. The product lineup includes:

  1. LUCY: Experience a double-stacked hemp leaf expertly sealed with organic plant glue, designed to streamline the rolling process.
  2. ABEL: Indulge in a wide hemp leaf sealed with organic plant glue, offering ample space for additional cannabis infusion.
  3. ARDI: Delight in a single hemp leaf free from additives, delivering a pure and unadulterated smoking experience.

Unwavering Commitment to Quality and Taste

Sidney Quitorio, the visionary CEO & Founder of Native Leaf Co, articulates the brand’s mission succinctly: “The essence of cannabis was obscured by synthetic wraps and non-hemp alternatives. We have redefined the experience by introducing the market’s sole whole-leaf hemp wrap, characterized by unparalleled purity and flavor.” Native Leaf Co’s meticulous curing process involves the removal of chlorophyll—a pigment responsible for the leaf’s green hue—over a 30-day period using natural elements. This method accentuates the individual terpene profiles, enhancing the smoking experience manifold. Moreover, the conversion of starches into sugars through slow-curing facilitates a smooth inhalation, elevating the overall smoking sensation.

Comprehensive Kit Inclusions for a Seamless Experience

To ensure a seamless smoking ritual, Native Leaf kits are thoughtfully curated to encompass essential components, including:

  • Three premium hemp leaves
  • Boveda pack for optimal moisture retention
  • Three filters for enhanced filtration
  • Organic plant glue for secure sealing
  • Mini leaf for patching requirements
  • Hemp wick to preserve the herb’s authentic taste

Experience the epitome of purity and flavor with Native Leaf Co’s innovative hemp leaf wraps—a testament to nature’s perfection reimagined for discerning connoisseurs.

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