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Introducing Highdration Kitchen’s Revolutionary Cannabis-Infused Ice Cubes

Highdration Kitchen, a trailblazing presence in the cannabis-infused beverage market, has unveiled its groundbreaking product: melt, the first and only cannabis-infused ice cubes now available in Massachusetts. This pioneering creation is poised to captivate a diverse audience, from seasoned cannabis enthusiasts to the “canna curious,” and will soon be accessible at licensed dispensaries statewide.

Enhancing Homemade Drinks with melt Infused Ice Cubes

The allure of melt lies in its ability to elevate a spectrum of homemade beverages, including seltzers, juices, teas, coffees, and mocktails. Packaged as pre-made ice trays containing 10 infused cubes, these liquid-based cubes are crafted for effortless freezing and consumption in the comfort of one’s home.

Harry Groome, the visionary founder and CEO of Highdration Kitchen, remarked, “Our early concept research confirmed the demand for a cannabis beverage enhancement tailored to the DIY beverage consumer. melt offers a vibrant and communal dimension to the ritual of concocting and presenting personalized drink recipes.”

Pure, Flavorful, and Consistently Infused with THC

Crafted from a fusion of THC, natural fruit juices, preservatives, and distilled water—without any added sugar—each melt cube ensures a precise infusion of 5mg of THC for a uniform consumption experience. These innovative ice cubes facilitate a gradual release of THC as they dissolve, seamlessly integrating into any beverage. With initial offerings including original (unflavored), lemon, and lime, melt anticipates introducing new flavors and expanding its product line later this year.

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