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Germany Ban Cannabis at Oktoberfest & Beer Gardens

A recent report by the Associated Press reveals that authorities in Bavaria, known for hosting the famous Oktoberfest annually, have enforced a ban on cannabis use during outdoor events and in outdoor beer gardens. This ban excludes cannabis vapor products.

Despite Germany legalizing adult-use cannabis from April 1, Bavaria’s conservative-led government strongly opposed this nationwide change. Local officials justified the ban on cannabis consumption at the renowned beer festival as a measure to safeguard minors from potential exposure to second-hand cannabis. They also have the authority to expand this ban to cover public spaces such as outdoor pools and recreational parks.

Bavarian Health Minister Judith Gerlach emphasized the importance of restricting cannabis usage in public areas for health protection, particularly to shield children and adolescents from its effects.

The new German cannabis legislation permits individuals aged 18 and above to consume cannabis legally and hold up to 25 grams of cannabis flower. Although the federal law did not define retail access, it will enable the establishment of non-profit cannabis cultivation clubs starting July 1. These clubs will offer memberships enabling individuals to acquire cannabis products, plants, seeds, and other related items legally.

Furthermore, authorities aim to prohibit cannabis consumption within designated tobacco-smoking zones at eateries, cafes, and various establishments. This decision aligns with their strategy to regulate cannabis usage more stringently in public settings for the greater good of the community and the younger population.

For more information on Germany’s evolving cannabis laws and the implications for public spaces, watch out for upcoming updates.

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