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Explore trends and implications in North America’s youth demographics

In a recent study published in JAMA this month, researchers uncovered fascinating insights into how U.S. 12th-grade students engage with delta-8 THC products. The study revealed that 11.4% of the 2,186 students surveyed admitted to using delta-8 THC products in the previous year, while 30.4% reported consuming traditional delta-9 THC products.

This study, which involved 12th graders from 27 states participating in the Monitoring the Future Study between February and June 2023, shed light on the origins of delta-8. Delta-8 is primarily derived from legally grown hemp plants by converting CBD to the THC compound through a process known as isomerization.

Among the 295 participants who disclosed delta-8 THC usage, 35.4% reported using it at least ten times within the past year. The research highlighted lower prevalence rates of delta-8 usage in Western compared to Southern census regions (5.0% vs. 14.3%), regulated versus unregulated states (5.7% vs. 14.4%), and states with legal adult-use marijuana versus those without (8.0% vs. 14.0%). Additionally, Hispanic participants exhibited lower past-year delta-8 THC product consumption rates compared to White participants (7.3% vs. 14.4%).

In Canada, the legalization of both recreational and medicinal cannabis has paved the way for a regulated market with strict rules and standards enforced by Health Canada. The Cannabis Act, introduced by the Government of Canada in 2018, established a legal framework to regulate and restrict access to cannabis products, emphasizing control and safety within the industry.

Similarly, the study in the U.S. revealed intriguing trends in delta-8 THC product consumption among high school students. The research showcased how regional differences and legal landscapes influenced the prevalence of delta-8 THC usage, particularly in areas where traditional delta-9 THC products faced legal restrictions.

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