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CannaCon: Your Hub for Cannabis Networking and Education

Nearly half a decade has elapsed since Bob Smart introduced the inaugural CannaCon. This groundbreaking cannabis trade exhibition, focused on fostering business connections, has successfully expanded its footprint into various cannabis markets nationwide, catering to both established players and emerging entrepreneurs.

Bob Smart founded CannaCon in 2017 due to his experiences as a dedicated medical grower, where he identified a significant gap in specialized education and networking opportunities within the cannabis sector. Smart’s vision materialized into a comprehensive trade show ecosystem, offering a centralized platform for ambitious individuals in the cannabis industry to converge, exchange knowledge, forge partnerships, and interact with ancillary service providers. Drawing from his background in trade shows, Smart laid the foundation for the initial CannaCon, swiftly validating the demand for a business-to-business (B2B) cannabis conference.

Every edition of CannaCon features enlightening keynote addresses, diverse panel discussions featuring entrepreneurs, industry experts, lobbyists, and regulators, alongside a bustling exhibition area.

CannaCon operates as a closely-knit family business

Despite its expansive reach, CannaCon operates as a closely-knit family business with a modest core team, as affirmed by Angela Grelle, the company’s marketing director. This lean structure fosters agility and a hands-on approach to operations, ensuring swift and effective decision-making processes.

The collaborative ethos within CannaCon has led to numerous triumphant trade shows, establishing it as a benchmark for excellence in the realm of cannabis conferences and exhibitions.

Reflecting on the journey, Grelle expressed pride in witnessing nascent industry players, who once occupied small booths at CannaCon, evolve into prominent figures commanding substantial presence at trade shows. While acknowledging that their success is a culmination of various factors, Grelle believes that the early exposure at CannaCon played a pivotal role in setting their trajectories.

A standout anecdote shared by Grelle recounts the transformative impact of CannaCon, following their participation, expanded operations by acquiring a sizable extraction facility. Such testimonials underscore the tangible outcomes generated by CannaCon’s platform.

Notably, CannaCon’s influence transcends mere event attendance, as it aims to catalyze vital dialogues between cannabis producers, processors, and supporting service providers. Consequently, as relationships solidify and businesses flourish, the need for recurrent engagements diminishes, prompting CannaCon to explore evolving its operational focus towards region-specific exhibitions or international ventures.

In a rapidly evolving landscape with burgeoning cannabis enterprises across the nation, CannaCon remains steadfast in its commitment to supporting industry growth and fostering meaningful connections. As new markets emerge and the industry landscape continues to evolve, CannaCon stands as a beacon of innovation and collaboration, ensuring that the show goes on seamlessly.

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