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Cannabis-Infused Cupcakes Delight Consumers with Unique Flavors and Benefits

Jade & Jane revolutionizes the edibles market by expanding consumer options with their latest innovation. Single serving, recreational cupcakes infused with 10mg of THC. Catering to discerning cannabis enthusiasts, Jade & Jane’s tantalizing creations are now accessible to retail clients exclusively through licensed Colorado recreational dispensaries. For wholesale orders, interested dispensary partners can connect with Jade & Jane directly. Stay tuned for the convenience of ordering through LeafLink, coming soon!

Established in 2016, Jade & Jane is a connoisseur’s haven, offering a delectable, artisanal twist on conventional “herbal-infused” treats. The aesthetic allure of Jade & Jane delights customers, setting the stage for an indulgent experience. “Unwrapping our cupcakes should evoke joy. Whether it’s for a special occasion like an anniversary, birthday celebration, or just a well-deserved treat,” expressed Stephanie Silva, the CEO of Jade & Jane.

Delivering Products that Premium Quality

Distinguishing itself in the vibrant landscape of Colorado’s cannabis scene. Jade & Jane prides itself on delivering products that guarantee premium quality, consistency, and a seamless high through the use of tasteless THC powder. While the current lineup features classic flavors such as chocolate and vanilla bean, anticipate a medley of exciting options in the pipeline. These cupcake delights offer a convenient and familiar way to savor cannabis, blending nostalgia with modern indulgence. Silva envisions breaking stereotypes surrounding cannabis. Consumption by presenting an edible that resonates as quintessentially American as apple pie and as timeless as a hostess cupcake.

Looking ahead, Jade & Jane is gearing up to unveil a multi-serving. 90mg recreational cupcake, catering to those seeking a shared experience. Noteworthy is the brand’s commitment to inclusivity, with their cupcakes being allergen-friendly and suitable for vegans and individuals with dairy sensitivities. Furthermore, Jade & Jane’s packaging adheres to stringent safety standards, boasting child-resistant features and compliance with C.F.R. Title 16, Part 1700.15 & 1700.20 guidelines.

Elevate your cannabis experience with Jade & Jane – where every bite is a celebration of flavor, quality, and innovation.

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