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Bloom’s AI-Powered Cannabis Technology Surpasses Human Visual Abilities

Bloom Automation Inc., a pioneering agri-tech firm specializing in robotics and cutting-edge cannabis trimming equipment, has unveiled a groundbreaking achievement in artificial intelligence technology. The latest innovation empowers their trimming machines to analyze cannabis floral structures with unparalleled precision, akin to human visual acuity.

This significant enhancement allows Bloom’s trimming devices to intricately trim cannabis flowers with enhanced precision, minimizing the risk of damage and preserving the market value of the yield.

The strides in machine learning have been instrumental in driving these advancements, supported by an extensive database of analyzed images and a comprehensive software upgrade.

The Vision

According to Jon Gowa, the visionary CEO and Founder of Bloom Automation, the newly implemented AI algorithms boast an impressive accuracy rate of 97% in differentiating between leaves and flowers. Gowa asserts that this precision far surpasses that of the average human trimmer, who is susceptible to fatigue and lapses in concentration during production.

Looking ahead, Gowa envisions a myriad of applications for this advanced AI technology within the realm of cannabis cultivation, including automating defoliation processes in multi-tier grow rooms, predicting harvest weights, and evaluating foliage density to combat micro-climates conducive to pathogen proliferation.

Bloom’s state-of-the-art trimmer operates using a sophisticated robotic arm equipped with rotary shears designed to delicately remove leaves from flowers while keeping them intact on the stem. Through a combination of a stereoscopic sensor array and AI-driven algorithms, the machine swiftly discerns between flowers and leaves, ensuring precise trimming. Moreover, an integrated vacuum system on the robotic arm efficiently collects the discarded leaves.

This recent breakthrough in AI development heralds a new era of automation within the multi-billion dollar cannabis industry, traditionally heavily reliant on manual labor. The Bloom trimmer stands out by significantly reducing labor costs through processing cannabis at double the speed of a human trimmer, revolutionizing efficiency in cannabis cultivation and processing.

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