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Affect And Cannabis Use In Daily Life: The Important Stuff

There are no obvious links between affect and cannabis use in daily life, although cannabis is often used to alleviate negative affective states like anxiety and sadness. 

According to studies, cannabis’s detrimental effects on concentration, remembering, and learning may persist for days or weeks after the initial effects of the substance have worn off, depending on the person’s cannabis use history. As a result, someone who smokes cannabis on a regular basis may be operating at a lower intellectual level for the majority of the time, if not all of the time.

Potential Harms Of Cannabis Use

Cannabidiol is the most often used illegal substance in the US, and Cannabis usage is rising among adults of all ages, sexes, and pregnancy. In parallel, people’s views on how harmful cannabis is are shifting. Moreover, cannabis use is no longer seen as a hazardous activity among today’s youth but it can have negative effects:

Brain Health 

When individuals start smoking cannabis at an early age, it may cause a lifelong IQ reduction of up to 8 points. Even after stopping smoking, these IQ points do not return.

Mental Health

Studies have connected cannabis usage to depression, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts. But it’s unclear whether cannabis usage causes these illnesses.

Athletic Performance

Cannabis has been proven to affect rhythm, motion, and balance, potentially affecting athletic performance.


Driving under the influence of cannabis results in slower reactions, lane shifting, decreased concentration, and difficulty reacting to traffic signals and sounds.

Baby’s Health And Development

Drunken mothers, preterm babies, and stillbirths are all linked to cannabis use during pregnancy. THC and other compounds from cannabis may be transferred from mother to kid via breast milk, affecting a child’s development.

Daily Life

Cannabis use may have an impact on one’s performance and ability to succeed in life. Cannabis users are more likely to experience interpersonal issues, poor educational results, poorer job success, and lower life satisfaction, according to research.

Nowadays, cannabis use is on the rise among individuals of all ages, all genders, and pregnant ladies. Among the almost 500 compounds included in marijuana is THC, a mind-altering substance with negative health consequences.

Smokers use hand-rolled cigarettes, pipes or water pipes, blunts, and vaporizers to extract THC from marijuana. Moreover, edibles like brownies, cookies, and candies, marijuana may be prepared as a tea. People also smoke or consume marijuana extracts, which contain more THC and are possibly more hazardous.

Poor Academic Performance

Evidence indicates that kids who consume marijuana do worse academically than their non-smoking counterparts. For example: 

  • A study of 48 research linked marijuana usage to lower educational achievement. 
  • A study of three major Australian and New Zealand studies showed that frequent marijuana users were less likely than non-users to graduate high school or get a degree. 
  • They are prone to develop a dependency, use other drugs, and attempt suicide. 
  • There is a proven link between excessive marijuana usage and poorer income and life satisfaction. 

Not only that, but studies have linked marijuana usage to negative job outcomes including a higher risk of injury or accidents. 

Overall, marijuana has tripled in THC content in the last 25 years. Increased cannabis-related ER visits may be linked to higher THC content cannabis. While no studies have been done on how potency impacts long-term marijuana hazards, more THC is likely to lead to greater dependence and addiction.

Job Problems

When compared to their peers, marijuana smokers are more likely to experience issues in the workplace. Workers who use marijuana are more likely to miss work, be late, have an accident, file a workers’ claim for damages, or lose their jobs, according to research. Another study states that postal workers, those who tested positive for marijuana during an or before urine drug test had a 55 per cent higher rate of workplace accidents. There were 85% more accidents and 75% more absences among individuals who tested positive for marijuana usage than among those who did not.


Some young people who use cannabis have psychotic episodes when they lose all sense of reality. Although these side effects may persist for many days, they will go away on their own. A family history of schizophrenia increases the chance of acquiring a persistent psychotic illness by twice when heavy or regular usage is coupled with the onset of cannabis use at a younger age.

Do You Think Cannabis Is Good or Bad For You?

Marijuana is the most often misused illicit narcotic in the U.S., followed by cocaine and heroin. Although marijuana has been legalized in certain places, the argument over whether or not it is detrimental to one’s health rages on.

The fact that marijuana is often used medicinally adds fuel to the fire of the argument. Cancer and other long-term illnesses are common causes of pain, therefore many individuals turn to this remedy for relief. Cannabis, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, may alleviate nausea, ease pain, and increase appetite.

Smoking cannabis on a regular basis has been shown to increase the risk of lung and heart disease, as well as mental health problems. In addition, marijuana has been shown to have an addictive quality. Aside from sometimes resulting in death, it may have a wide range of societal consequences.

It Can Affect Some Aspects Of Life

Smoking has been linked to a variety of problems for people that affect and cannabis use in daily life, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse. It’s been linked to a drop in motivation, which may have an impact on how well a person does in school or at work. The usage of cannabis has been linked to a rise in sick days and a drop in productivity. More workplace accidents lead to a greater number of workers’ compensation claims as well. All of these things may lead to marijuana users losing their employment due to drug utilization.


The affect and cannabis use in daily life can sometimes be abusive. Yes, cannabis has a number of benefits but when you used it the wrong way, it is not good anymore. There are aspects of life that are affected by the misuse of this drug, including poor academic performance, job problems, newborn’s health, mental and brain problems. Importantly, watching the proper dosage or use is very important. 


Cannabis is legal in some countries, but still, there are places that prohibit this practice. So, valuing the law is one of the things to obey. 

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