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A New Player in the Dry Herb Vaporizer Market

DynaVap’s Evolution: From Ti Woody to WoodWynd

A significant shift occurred in the dry herb vaporizer market. DynaVap introduced the Ti Woody, a dry herb vaporizer innovatively constructed using wood and modular metal components. This unique combination of elegance, durability, functionality, and affordability quickly became a favorite among dry herb enthusiasts. The Ti Woody was a staple of the DynaVap product lineup until the company shifted focus to stainless steel and titanium devices, which it is best known for today.

DynaVap’s Manufacturing Philosophy

The cornerstone of DynaVap’s manufacturing philosophy has always been the use of mixed materials. We have leveraged our mastery of precision machining woods and metals to introduce the WoodWynd, our latest thermal extraction device. This product combines our most innovative features with a touch of nostalgia, marking another pivotal moment in our history.

The Allure of the WoodWynd

The meticulously crafted WoodWynd features a balanced hourglass-shaped midsection, milled from solid Padauk Hardwood. It is adorned with stainless steel crowns for enhanced durability, and features DynaVap’s latest Helix Titanium Tip with a scratch-resistant gold-colored chamber. A matching helical titanium Mouthpiece and Condenser complete the design.

DynaVap founder George Breiwa expressed his excitement about the launch, stating “DynaVap has become most well known for our metal devices, but wood adds such a unique touch that simply can’t be replicated. The WoodWynd is an alluring hybrid of both materials, showcasing the beauty of wood, the durability of steel and titanium, and the functionality people expect from DynaVap.”

The WoodWynd Experience

Like all DynaVap products, the WoodWynd is a battery-free vaporizer that uses a torch or an induction heater to bake, not burn your herb. These lightweight and discrete products offer a highly satisfying experience with a small amount of herb, allowing users to taste the terpenes in their flower unlike any other consumption experience. For more information on the WoodWynd, please visit our website. You can also view original video content about the WoodWynd, including its manufacturing process, on YouTube and Instagram.

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