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50% Drop in Teen Cannabis Consumption After Canada’s Legalization

A recent survey conducted by Statistics Canada revealed a significant decline in cannabis use among teenagers aged 15-17 since the legalization of cannabis. The study indicated a notable drop in the consumption rate of cannabis among this age group post-legalization.

According to the National Cannabis Survey by Statistics Canada, the consumption rate of cannabis among young adults aged 18 to 24 remained consistent at 33%, suggesting stable consumption patterns within this demographic.

Michelle Rotermann, a senior analyst at Statistics Canada, emphasized the need for a more detailed individual-level analysis to understand the reasons behind the decline in teen cannabis use following legalization. He highlighted the importance of analyzing population-level changes over time rather than focusing solely on individual experiences.

The survey reported a 2% increase in overall cannabis use following the regulatory reforms, bringing the total prevalence to 17%. Comparisons with a U.S.-based study from the previous year showed an 8% reduction in high school students’ cannabis consumption within states where recreational cannabis had been legalized. Accompanied by a 9% decrease in the frequency of cannabis use among teenagers. These findings suggest a potential trend of declining cannabis use among youth post-legalization initiatives.

Rotermann cautioned about a possible rise in teenage cannabis consumption following the introduction of ‘Cannabis 2.0’ regulations. Which allow the sale of edibles, concentrates, and other alternative cannabis products. This warning underscores the need for ongoing monitoring and analysis of cannabis consumption patterns, especially among vulnerable age groups in the evolving landscape of cannabis legalization.

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