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Top Binge-worthy Stoner Movies and Shows

stoner movies

Who doesn’t love some good old television when you are as high as a kite? It is a no-brainer how most of us love to binge TV shows or movies when we are dazed. With the right munchies and great friends, we’re definitely all set to watch funny and psychedelic movies and shows in one sitting. Anything can be a stoner movie with the right high. A 5-hour long animal documentary? Count us in. Staring at some 70s soap opera? Ah, that’s the deal. However, nothing beats foolish stoner movies that will make you cry happy tears. 

With more states and countries legalizing marijuana, the cannabis industry has become more mainstream than ever. You can see it from the cosmetics, apparel, down to movies. Streaming companies such as Netflix have now featured stoner flicks and movies that will make your crap from laughing. Here are a few stoner movies you can enjoy the next time you take long lazy tokes:

Mac and Deven

This movie is a classic comedy featuring two cannabis enthusiasts and rappers Snoop Dog and Wiz Khalifa. Mac (Snoop), a long-term high school senior, helps Whiz Khalifa (Devin), class valedictorian, live and have fun to write a meaningful graduation speech. The stoner movie has a hodge-podge of everything from music breaks and jokes although the entire movie doesn’t have a solid plot (who needs it, right?) Sit through the THC-induced laughter and enjoy the 75-minute movie. 


You’re set for a typical high school movie with Seth Rogen’s and Evan Goldberg’s writing prowess. The story follows two childhood best friends on the verge of going to different colleges. The duo isn’t actually famous but that didn’t stop them from enjoying their last hurrah. Throw in the shuffle some raucous party scenes and Emma stone and you get yourself a funny stoner movie. 


Of course, Friday is on our list. Friday is Ice Cube’s debut in screenwriting. The scrappy and lighthearted movie revolves around a day in the life of a South Central neighbourhood. Ice Cube showed his creative genius as he also played in the movie alongside Chris Tucker. The two are posing as two unemployed stoners. Craig (Ice Cube) has just lost his job. Despite the incessant badgering from his parents, he decided to put off his job search and hang out with his friend, “Smokey”, a drug dealer. The friends spent their days getting high and eventually, they’ve reached a point where they need to pay back Smokey’s boss or face the consequence. With Ice Cube and Chris Tucker as a cast, need we still convince you to watch it?


Ever wondered about having a bong-hitting teddy bear as a friend? Ted answers this question and more. The director of Family Guy, Seth McFarlane, gives the same freedom he did in this movie as he did in his show. All young John Bennet (Mark Wahlberg) wants is a true friend for the rest of his life. On Christmas, his parents gave him a giant teddy bear that comes to life after John asked Teddy to be his friend for life. The miracle of talking and walking the teddy bear makes Teddy an overnight sensation. Eventually, his fame fades and he becomes John’s roommate. The potty mouth, bong-hitting Teddy makes this movie a great one to watch while passing the bong. 

The Night Before

While this stoner movie is ideal for the holidays, who’s to say you can’t watch The Night Before on a normal weed-laced day? The story focuses on three friends celebrating one final night of holiday fun before embracing the real world of grown-ups. Three best friends (Seth Rogen, Anthony Mackie, and Joseph Gordon Levitt) are determined to end their 10-year tradition with a bang. They planned to consume the box filled with every single drug in the whole world, given by Isaac (Seth Rogen’s wife). However, the box doesn’t have the weed so the trio went on a trip to pick up some kush, and things started to get hilariously wild. 

Bonus Weed TV Shows

Besides these hilarious movies, you can also just chill and watch these weed-themed series:

Bong Appetit

Catchy name. High-end gourmet cooking with cannabis. Bong Appetit is perfect if you wish to learn a wide range of food cultures with cannabis. Created by Vice media, the YouTube series invites reputed chefs around the world to craft intricate and exemplary meals infused with cannabis. Bong Appetit really appealed to not just food enthusiasts and culinary connoisseurs, it also attracted weed enthusiasts and regular viewers. Imagine dreamy cannabis cuisines made by talented chefs and guests. Be warned though as watching this show may cause you to drool over the delectable food. 

Cooking on High

This fast-paced game show is a fresh take on weed cooking shows. Each episode features two chefs who are both nimble in cooking with cannabis. With a close kitchen setup where chefs and judges can interact in the entire episode, this show suits those who want to watch lighthearted and fun weed-themed series. Cooking on High is a perfect show to indulge while chilling or getting into a quick munchie session. 

 As marijuana becomes legal in more states and across the world, it is not surprising to see more cannabis-themed shows/series pop up on the big screens. More shows mean more choices for you when you light one up, right? What’s your go-to stoner movie?

Factors that Affect Your Weed High

factors that affect the weed high
factors that affect the weed high

We’ve all been there. Trying to get high as a kite with our pals and then turned out one of us got higher than the others. You may be that person who got incredibly higher while the others continued to puff their joints. It’s no secret that cannabis has different effects on people. The intensity, effects, and delivery method are all personal preferences from one user to the next.

Your budtenders could help you which strain works best for your tolerance but you still need to bear in mind the different factors that affect the cannabis effects into your body.

The delivery method affects the duration of cannabis to kick into your body and how long the effects will last. Consider the following:

Smoking or vaping
The effects of smoking or vaping happen within 2 to 10 minutes because the cannabis enters your bloodstream through your lungs within minutes of inhaling it. The effects hit around 10 minutes after consumption and last 1 to 3 hours. However, the effects can last up to 8 hours.

Edibles take a while to kick in within 30 to 60 minutes. The effects can last as long as 2 hours. The digestive system takes a while to metabolize cannabis. When you take edibles, you usually peak around 2 hours. The cannabis effects can last up to 24 hours.

Dabbing is the process of heating a concentrated cannabis dose using a special pipe and then inhaling the vapor. Dabs have a higher THC content than other forms of cannabis which means the kick gets in more quickly. Just like smoking, dabbing effects take place within an hour to three. If you are into high THC concentrate, you could feel the effects for a day.
How long the effects last can vary greatly depending on the dose and potency. The more you use and the higher the THC content, the longer the effects will stick around. The effects of cannabis vary greatly on the potency and dose. The higher the THC content, the effects will become longer.

Cannabis affects everyone differently. Your high might last for a couple of hours but the aftereffects could last a day. Besides the method of delivery, here are the factors that affect the cannabis high:


Dosing can be tricky especially when you are taking a new strain. The right dose can help you achieve your desired effect without any adverse side effects. Too little dosage will feel like nothing at all while too high can result in unexpected side effects such as nausea or paranoia. Whatever the delivery method you are trying, make sure to start a low dose and gradually increase your dosage until you achieve your desired high.
The method of delivery can affect your cannabis dose. However, edibles are crucial to ingest especially homemade edibles. Each bite has a different amount of pot. Compared to smoking weed, you can physically see the amount of cannabis you’ll consume. Store-brought cannabis will typically include its ingredients in its packaging and indicate the THC and CBD amounts. This will give a clear idea of the amount of cannabis you are consuming. Take note that your high is also dependent on the amount of THC in the product. The greater the THC content, the higher you become.

Try as hard to deny it, your age plays a great part in your marijuana tolerance. You might have had enjoyed marijuana back when you were young. As people age, the body goes through changes. The body’s chemical composition can affect how you tolerate cannabis. You may get higher and have more unappealing side effects. You can enjoy your doja and enjoy your high by smoking weeds with lower levels of THC strains.

The tolerance level refers to how much pot you can take before your feel the high. No two people are alike so your tolerance is different compared to your friend’s. Your tolerance is affected by your comfort in getting high. You may be enjoying the rollercoaster weed high while your friend may be greening out in the corner. If you are trying a new strain, start with a low dosage and check how the strain affects your mind. Once you feel comfortable with the high, you can increase your dosage.

Surprisingly, the mood and setting affect your cannabis experience. You may experience a different high when you are at home than when you’re hitting a blunt anxiously in a crowded place. Find out which environment you are most comfortable in to get the best high. Don’t forget to consider the people to get high with for maximum experience.

Managing the high
Weed can trigger unpleasant side effects including anxiety and paranoia. Having a high usually lasts between 1 to 6 hours depending on these factors mentioned above. If you are feeling a little too high, you can reduce the effects by taking a nap. Sleeping can help you come down from the high, allowing your body to relax. You can also take whole black peppercorn or sniff it to facilitate the sedative effects of THC.

Getting High
Some people complain about not getting high enough as they are already seasoned and have a high tolerance. You could get higher by mixing the strains or increasing your dosage. If you wish for a longer-lasting high, you can try ingesting edibles. You can also get higher by switching your delivery method. A great way to beat your tolerance is to take a break from smoking.


Top Cannabis Strains for Working from Home

Top weed strains for working from home


Until the world heals and the global health crises is solved, it is more likely that the Work From Home situation is here to stay. People are forced to learn how to close sales, manage transactions, conduct meetings, and support customers remotely.

Working from home presents a lot of distractions that challenge your concentration. Besides drinking caffeine, and taking concentration pills such as Adderall and Dexedrine, smoking weed can help you Zen the distractions out and focus on your tasks.

The right weed strains can help you get through the hectic work at home.

How to choose the right strain?

Different strains affect people differently. The cannabis effects are influenced by different factors including age, tolerance, height, weight, and mode of delivery. You can experiment on different strains to find the one that will deliver your desired effects.


This strain has oftentimes higher levels of CBD. Indica is perfect if you want to feel euphoric while being calm, focused and productive.


While others are focused when taking THC-dominant strain, others get the dope with Sativa. This strain could be perfect to end your workday.


Hybrid strains balance the effects of Sativa and Indica. This strain is perfect for beginners who are clueless about how cannabis can make them feel. Hybrids can also activate your cerebral functions.

Now that we get the strains out of the way, here are the top strains you can try to boost your productivity at work.

  1. Green Crack

With less than 1% of CBD and 15 to 18% of THC, this very energizing strain will perk up your day. Enjoy the earthy, sweet flavor of Green Crack as you tick off your to-do list. If you lack the motivation to power through your tasks, Green Crack will definitely save your day. Green Crack is also ideal if you plan to pull an all-nighter for that dreaded monthly report.

  1. Budzilla

Running out of creative juice? Let Budzilla fire you up. The hybrid strain is a combination of Trainwreck and Chem 91 that will keep you jazzed and eventually relaxed. With its THC levels of 20%, this energizing strain is what you need before attending a proposal meeting over Zoom or applying the design revisions.

3.    Chem Dawg

Also known as Chem Dog, this strain has 16 to 22% of tetrahydrocannabinol and less than 1% of CBD. Chem D has a terpene profile that sends an energizing pepper and citrus aroma. The Sativa-dominant strain is a favorite among creative people from artists to musicians. Besides boosting your productivity and getting your creative juice flowing, Chem D also helps manage your anxiety and stress. Fair warning to beginners though, Chem D has potent effect.

  1. Jack Herer

Want to stay on top of your tasks? Then puff some Jack Herrerr. This strain has 17.5% THC level with herbal, fruity and terpene profile. The Sativa-dominant strain will leave you feeling energized, uplifted, and focused for your tasks. Jack Herer hopes to capture cerebral elevation. Those who have puff Jack Herrer reported having a clearer head and creativity.

5.    Harlequin

Harlequin has 3 to 6% of THC and 7 to 10% of CBD that works well for anxious people. This strain is a crowd favorite as it boosts creativity and productivity. If you are suffering from chronic pain, Harlequin can provide pain relief. Harlequin is very mild which gives you a sense of balance, allowing you to stay focused and productive.

6.    Blue Dream

Let your creativity and productivity kick in as you smoke Blue Dream. The Sativa-dominant strain is among the most popular strains with berry, blueberry, and earthy terpene profile. Perfect for brainstorming and creative processes, the blue dream can help you get things done. Blue Dream isn’t for beginners though as it has potent and powerful cerebral effects.

7.   White Widow

White Widow is a crowd favorite with its interesting notes of peach, fruit, skunk, and spice. This iconic strain is so famous that it’s virtually found everywhere. Besides managing chronic fatigue and joint pain, this Strain delivers energizing effects while helping you stay focused on the tasks at hand.

  1. Tangie

Tangie is a cross between California Orange and a Skunk hybrid.  This strain will uplift your spirit, gives you a burst of energy, and allows you to stay focused. Smoking tangie will make even the most boring and dreadful workday at home bearable. The THC level of Tangie is above average which makes it suitable for the intermediate or advanced user.

Staying focused at work during these times takes extra work. Remember to take a break when necessary and go easy on yourself. The line between working and taking a break can be blurry when you are working from home since your home is associated with relaxation, fun, and rest. It is best to set an alarm to remind you to rest and try these recommended strains to get you in the zone.

Edible Dosing For Beginners: Tips to Enjoy Cannabis Edible Experience

Edible Dosing

Eating edibles is a fun way for beginners to experience the effects of cannabis without smoking. After all, who could resist the delicious taste of brownies or gummies? Edibles are tricky as they often result in a more intense high. It is important to pay attention to the right dose to enjoy the effects of edibles.

While smoking remains to be the most popular form of consuming cannabis, more people are switching to ingesting edibles. It is easy to overindulge since edibles take time to kick in compared to smoking.

Check out this edible dosing guide before consuming your edibles:

Choosing between homemade and commercial

Homemade edibles might be easy to make but without the right measurement and equipment, it may not be a good idea for beginners. You don’t just infuse edibles without knowing the amount of cannabis you put in it. This is a recipe for a bad trip. It’s suggested to get your edibles from a licensed and trusted dispensary to get the right dosage based on your tolerance. 

Consider your tolerance and dosage

Finding the right dosage can help you enjoy your first edible trip. Everyone has different reactions to taking cannabis based on its potency, tolerance and sensitivity to the endocannabinoid system. While edibles are processed differently, a good rule of thumb is that smoking a half gram of joint equates to ingesting 10 mg of THC edible. If you are a newbie, you can start with half the “standard dosage” which is 10 mg. You can always increase your dosage for another 5 mg in another hour or two once you are comfortable with the effects of the first dose. Cannabis edibles have dose intervals of 5 mg, 10 mg, 20 mg, 40mg, and 100 mg. Even seasoned enthusiasts consume small doses ( between 3-7 mg) when consuming edibles. This is to gently stimulate the body’s cannabinoid receptors to increase mood, focus, and creativity.

Listen to your body

The effects of cannabis depend on your body mass, age, gender, metabolism, and body chemistry. These things change over time which means your edible dosage may vary. You can ask your local budtender about the right dosage for your age, body type, gender, and experience. 

Start Small

Consuming edibles produce an intense high. The effects of edibles take longer compared to smoking a joint. Instead of eating the entire brownies or cookies in one sitting, you can nibble or consider eating smaller items such as candies and gummies. Don’t try to measure up with advanced users as experienced consumers tend to be more resilient to the cannabis side effects.

Do it in a comfortable space

While edibles are portable, the effects of inducing edibles can be overwhelming for beginners. It is advised to consume edibles at the comfort of your home or in a safe place with familiar faces. The presence of someone comfortable reduces the possible anxiety side effects of cannabis. The most important thing is you are in a space where you are calm and doing something you enjoy to take your mind off ingesting marijuana. You can go outdoors but don’t drive or operate heavy equipment. 

Don’t ingest on an empty stomach

The effects of edibles kick in faster on an empty stomach. However, there have been reports of people with upset stomachs. Make sure to eat a meal and drink plenty of fluids before consuming edibles. You can take high-fat foods to speed up the absorption of cannabis in your body. Make sure to not mix alcohol with your edibles. Doing so will increase the THC concentration in the blood and can dehydrate you. 

Wait for the effects to kick in 

We understand how tasty edibles are. However, you cannot just eat the entire package of these tasty treats just because you haven’t felt the effects kicking in. Bear in mind that edibles take longer to kick in compared to smoking cannabis. Your body fat, metabolism, and other factors also take into play when it comes to cannabis effects. As you start slow, wait for 45 minutes to an hour before increasing your dosage. Read the label as some brands indicate an “activation time” in their products. Resist over-snacking your edibles to avoid a bad trip. No one wants that. But in case that you did, don’t panic.

Different edibles, different effects

Some people have different reactions or high depending on the type of edibles they consume. Some enjoy the high that gummies give while others are comfortable eating brownies. Consider exploring other edibles within your dosage to find the right edibles that work for you.

Bad trips happen

Even when you are experienced and have a high tolerance, bad trips can happen. This is why it is important to start slow and small. However, if you are having a bad trip, try to stay calm and breathe. The panic will wear off when you take your mind off it. Consider watching a movie or doing things you enjoy to get distracted. Drink plenty of water to expedite the digestive process and ease your bad trip. Before taking cannabis edibles, make sure to discuss what you need to do for each other in case one of you has a bad trip. Discuss ground rules and ensure that the place is safe.


Edibles are a fantastic way to enjoy the effects of marijuana if you don’t want to smoke. However, you need to pay attention to the guide indicated above to ensure you have a favourable tripping experience. Make sure you get the right dose, consider your tolerance, don’t take edibles on an empty stomach, and consume with familiar faces in a comfortable space. In case you are having a bad trip, read this blog post to manage your weed hangover.

Weed Map: US States that Legalize Marijuana

legal marijuana

Marijuana legalization has come so far since Washington and Colorado legalized cannabis for recreational use in 2012. More and more states have legalized marijuana for recreational, medical or both purposes.

Most Americans now have access to marijuana across the country whether it’s for recreational or medical. The last US election saw states such as New York, New Mexico, Mississippi, Montana, Virginia and South Dakota legalized recreational marijuana.
Despite marijuana being illegal at the federal level, the states that legalized THC outnumbered those that don’t. It’s now a matter of when the rest of the country will follow suit as state legislatures are contemplating ways to legalize it. Bills to decriminalize marijuana have also been passed to Congress.

Among the most common policy questions about medical marijuana include regulation of its recommendation, marijuana dispensing, and patient registration.

Along with the District of Columbia, Guam, Puerto Rico and U.S. Virgin Islands, there are now 36 states that have extensive medical cannabis programs. The comprehensive cannabis program in 11 states permits the use of “low THC, high cannabidiol (CBD)” products for medical purposes in limited situations or as a legal defence.

States that approved recreational marijuana
Except for Vermont, retail sales from dispensaries are allowed in all states that legalized cannabis. Each state has different processes for granting dispensaries licenses. However, businesses that offer marijuana products should have a license before operating.

Here are the states that allow recreational cannabis:

  • Colorado
  • Washington
  • Alaska
  • Oregon
  • Washington, D.C.
  • California
  • Maine
  • Massachusetts
  • Nevada
  • Michigan
  • Vermont
  • Guam
  • Illinois
  • Arizona
  • Montana
  • New Jersey
  • South Dakota
  • New York
  • Virginia
States that approved recreational marijuana
  • Alaska
  • Arizona
  • Arkansas
  • California
  • Colorado
  • Connecticut
  • Delaware
  • District of Columbia
  • Florida
  • Hawaii
  • Illinois
  • Louisiana
  • Maine
  • Maryland
  • Massachusetts
  • Michigan
  • Minnesota
  • Mississippi
  • Missouri
  • Montana
  • Nevada
  • New Hampshire
  • New Jersey
  • New Mexico
  • New York
  • North Dakota
  • Ohio
  • Oklahoma
  • Oregon
  • Pennsylvania
  • Rhode Island
  • Utah
  • Vermont
  • Washington
  • West Virginia
States that allow CBD oil only
  • Georgia
  • Indiana
  • Iowa
  • Kentucky
  • Texas
  • Virginia
  • Wisconsin

Federal Laws: Where do they Stand?

At the federal level, marijuana remains to be in a Schedule 1 drug under the Controlled Substances Act. The Schedule 1 substances are seen to have a high potential for dependency and abuse with no accepted medical use. This means that the distribution, possession and cultivation of marijuana are considered federal offences. This created tension between the federal government and states that legalized marijuana.
However, the federal government has remarkably come a long way as more states got into the legal cannabis program. The U.S. Department of Justice updated its marijuana enforcement policy in August 2013, stating that states should create strong, state-based enforcement efforts and will put off the right to question state legalization. Nevertheless, they reserve the right to challenge the states at any time they feel the need to do so.
In January 2018, the Marijuana Enforcement Memorandum was issued, allowing federal prosecutors to decide how they should prioritize the enforcement of federal cannabis laws.

Marijuana Decriminalization vs legalization

Decriminalization of drug use means that possessing and using small amounts of drugs, specifically marijuana, will not have felony charges or potential jail time. States that decriminalized cannabis treat possession and consumption of marijuana as an offence punishable by a fine.

The District of Columbia along with twenty-seven states have decriminalized small amounts of cannabis. Some states have reclassified the possession of small amounts of cannabis as a civil offence. This means that certain small, personal consumption (an ounce or less) amounts at least for first-time offenders isn’t considered a state crime without any jail time. However, repeat offences, sales, distribution and or possession of a huge amount of cannabis can still result in jail time or a criminal record remains in some states.

The difference between marijuana decriminalization and legalization lies in the legal classifications and penalties. People who possess or smoke a certain amount of marijuana will not have legal consequences under marijuana legalization. Meanwhile, violators are responsible for monetary fines for cannabis possession when cannabis has been decriminalized.

Medical Marijuana Benefits

Among the potential health benefits of cannabis include pain relief, appetite stimulation, anxiety relief, sedation, Alzheimer’s disease, appetite loss, cancer, epilepsy, Crohn’s disease, Glaucoma, Multiple sclerosis, and mental disorders. There are plenty of ways
While most people are relying on marijuana for its medical benefits, the FDA has only approved it for treating two rare and severe forms of epilepsy. Since marijuana has been classified as a Schedule I drug, researchers need a special license for further research.
Medical marijuana can be administered by inhaling it via a vaporizer that turns the smoke into a mist. You can also enjoy a brownie or lollipop AKA edibles. Others apply cannabis on their skin topically. Some apply a few drops of cannabis oil under their tongues. The effectiveness of cannabis depends on the method of consumption. Smoking or vaporizing cannabis yields faster results compared to ingesting. Eating edibles can take an hour or two to feel the effects.

The Bottom line

At this point, it will not be a surprise for others to join the bandwagon and make their states a safe place for marijuana enthusiasts. The legalization of cannabis opens up a door of lucrative opportunities for businesses regardless if it’s for medical or recreational.

List Of The Top Cannabis Celebrities


Cannabis celebrities are famous people who are interested in and love using cannabis products. 

As cannabis becomes legal and accepted in some states, celebrities are taking advantage of this thriving current industry. Before, they also took cannabis away from public attention, as an offense to the existing law. 

Cannabis celebrities, notwithstanding, just haven’t ventured out of the cannabis wardrobe by conceding their utilization of the plant, they have likewise made organizations that associate their brands to cannabis items. An astonishing number of popular culture icons are creating, marking, and advertising cannabis-related items and companionship projects.

Cannabis is in precisely everything – you can ingest it, drink it, breath it, and even rub it from your head to foot. And it looks like the biggest celebrity names are doing it too. 

Cannabis Celebrity Products

In the cannabis industry, numerous celebrities have emerged with some unique ideas to help transform cannabis utilization.

The significance of these weed items is that they help form and create a cannabis insight of the individuals who smoke them. In an industrialist society, it is imperative to showcase a way of life, and right now, cannabis is perhaps the greatest thing to invest resources into as of now, so it bodes well that individuals who impact culture would hop in the business post-legitimization. 

Cannabis celebrities are making items worth appreciating and supporting. In a period like now where cannabis is being authorized inconsistently around nations, it is significant for weed to be matched with the experience and brands of different big names. The motivation behind why it’s significant for additional individuals— particularly remarkable individuals—to dive into the cannabis business since it standardizes and de-demonizes cannabis use/utilization. Further, the customization of cannabis strains and edibles is finished with research and with weed being a famous subject of discussion. It boosts investigation towards cannabis and its uses for the industry in the areas of recreational and medical use. 

List Of Cannabis Celebrities

This is a list of the notable celebrities who use cannabis, inexactly positioned by popularity. An ever-increasing number of celebrities are talking about their weed usage as they advocate for the legitimization of pot. A portion of these popular people has never concealed the way that they smoke weed, while other famous pro-pot outlooks that may astound you.

Patrick Stewart

Patrick Stewart is a famous actor that announced his support for medical cannabis. Patrick, who has arthritis, said that he consumes cannabis to deal with his disease. He is one of the cannabis celebrities that admits he’s using weed for medical reasons. 

Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg is exceptionally direct about his appreciation of weed and has known to shine on stage. Snoop once said, “what if I consume cannabis onstage and perform what I must do? It’s not me bringing down somebody, killing somebody, and hurting somebody. It’s a tranquil sign and they need to respect and understand that.” 

Snoop Dogg even set up his cannabis brand in the year 2015. 

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus is one of the cannabis celebrities that called marijuana the preeminent drug on Earth. She has been a big fan of using cannabis for recreational purposes for a long time.  


Rihanna is one of the many cannabis celebrities who has always been open about her adoration of weed. She is not hiding the post of herself smoking weed because she wants to tell the world what’s real about her. 

Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz told somebody that she purchased cannabis from her high school friend Snoop Dogg, a celebrity fan of cannabis too. 

Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt is also one of the many cannabis fans that say he was an “artist” at rolling spliff, yet he stopped cannabis when he started to be a father.

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga was a notable celebrity who used cannabis during her hip surgery in the year 2013. And said once that “I consume a lot of alcohol and smoke cannabis when I’m writing. I don’t do it continuously, since it will not be helpful for my voice. I don’t even want to convince kids to use drugs, yet when you approach me about the behavior of fame and what celebrities do mistakes; what celebrities create mistakes are they being untruth, and I don’t want to be a liar”. 

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber was an eminent celebrity spotted using cannabis in his hotel room way back in 2013. 

Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp is an artist who has used cannabis since he was 14 years old. He concluded that he’s abstinent from cannabis for more than two years. 

Cannabis Celebrities Produce Strains

Some celebrity names have produced their cannabis strains, and some of the top adored strains are Leafs By Snoop, Chong Star, Marley’s Natural, and Willie Reserve. These strains were named after eminent celebrities. 

Every strain that celebrities have created has its unique flavors, potency, and benefits. Each of them provides distinct flowers such as Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid. Along with these choices, celebrities give a cannabis strain some innovation to assist in producing moods and ambiance. 

Providing various strains of weeds is essential since the attraction in cannabis is what conducts to the realization of CBD or cannabidiol, a component of the cannabis plant that helps both the mind and body. 


Cannabis celebrities have taken advantage of using weed since legalization started. Cannabis is obtaining more and more charisma. And as the day passes by, the cannabis demand in the industry grows quickly and has become more popular. 

The benefits of cannabis in both medical and recreational is the reason why many celebrities are attracted to it. Many celebrities use cannabis for medicinal purposes to help in the struggles of their work and some use it only for recreation to obtain the pleasure they want. 

Whether they consume it for medicinal or recreational purposes, the effects of cannabis are absolutely helpful to make someone’s life comfortable, away from any stress and pain. 


Weed Munchies: Ultimate Guide To Stoner Munchies


Weed munchies or cravings for salty, sweet, or fatty foods appear when you smoke or eat pot. The relationship between weed and munchies is the same with bacon and eggs. For anyone who knows their weed very well, the idea that weeds cause the user to turn to snacks instantly is in the mind.

Why do you feel the cravings after smoking or eating weed?

The active ingredient tetrahydrocannabinol or THC in a drug is responsible for the “high”, most people experience when using weed. It is also responsible for people feeling cravings for food.

In fact, the brain has two regions: Some areas hold our moods, other areas influence the appetite that let us eat or stop eating. Every time we consume a drug, its effect is distributed to all parts of our body and brain. When the THC reaches the brain that affects mood, it stimulates euphoria. On the other hand, when THC enters the brain that influences appetite, it will urge you to eat.

Why Do Stoners Really Get The Munchies? 

It is no secret that weed is a proven appetite stimulant. The main cannabis psychoactive factor or THC interacts with the endocannabinoid system of the body (ECS). The ECS is responsible for controlling many functions in the body, such as sleep, mood, sexual activity, and appetite. Research shows that a hormone is secreted in the stomach and increases appetite when THC communicates with the ECS. THC is especially cited as a strong appetite stimulant. 

What Are Munchies?

Munchies are the craving for foods and are severe hunger that is a result of smoking weed.

Either you eat or smoke weed munchies, the compounds found in cannabis can trigger your appetite. One of the effects of engaging in weed munchies is a strong desire for food like sweets and fats.

 Understanding the effect of munchies is essential because of the rise in weed legalization. In addition to coughing fits, a hit of marijuana triggers cellular switches in the body, some of which are linked to sudden food cravings. These are caused by the cannabinoid receptors CB1 and CB2, which are found along with the nervous and immune systems. These receptors play a role in human metabolism, nutrient transport, and appetite. 

The Science Behind Weed Munchies

THC activates the endocannabinoid system, a complex area in the brain that controls feeding behavior and energy balance. It affects many primitive areas of the brain, things that regulate appetite and emotions. According to research, THC links with receptors in the brain that controls emotions, pain, and sense of smell and taste. It also promotes the release of the hormone ghrelin that stimulates hunger.

THC enhances our sensitivity in smelling that results in aromas causing us to eat more food. Research reveals that neurons are normally turned off when eating and stimulate more eating habits when weed is used.

Other research reveals that neurons turn off when eating and stimulate more eating when weed is used. THC also enhances dopamine production, which boosts the enjoyment of food.

The Effects Of Eating Too Much Weed When You Have Munchies

Consuming too much weed will result in an overdose or will give you a “high”.

These are the signs of too much consumption of weed during weed munchies:

  • Extreme confusion
  • Anxiety
  • Paranoia
  • Panic
  • Fast heart rate
  • Delusions or hallucinations
  • Increased blood pressure
  • Severe nausea or vomiting.

It feels scary but not every stoner will experience these side effects. If you are high and you have weed munchies, refrain from eating edibles. Eat healthy and regular foods and a wholesome snack instead. 

Can Weed Help Lose Weight?

We heard that weed munchies can increase the craving for foods after smoking weed.

Stoners say that after smoking weed, they eat less and they lose weight. It is still unclear what is behind the link between weed and lower body weight.

Experts have theories on why weed use is linked to minimizing bodyweight and controls the risks of obesity. The following theories are:

  • It can enhance potency

Weed relieves pain and stiffness.

  • It causes people to drink less

Younger people who use weeds consume less alcohol.

  • It can lower stress

Weed eases anxiety and stress.

  • It improves sleep

Weed reduces stress and pain, the factors in poor sleep.

  • It may boost metabolism

High amounts of cannabis increase metabolism and minimize energy storage.

Using weeds does not mean causing sudden weight loss. But it is believed that it contributes to weight gain in some people. 

More research is needed to understand the link between weed use and weight.

The Best Weed Munchies Foods

Stoners get the feeling of hunger after consuming munchies. It is essential to be prepared. 

If this happens, no need to worry. We will give you some suggestions of foods to eat. Here are some of the best weed munchies you must try:

  • Nutella 
  • Cookie dough 
  • Cinnamon Rolls 
  • Oreos 
  • Cheez Wiz 
  • Ice cream 
  • Chocolate brownies 
  • Chips 
  • Mozzarella sticks 


The Best Stoner Fast Food

When you are high, all foods taste good and better. The best stoner food is based on personal taste.

Taco Bell is the perfect choice with low prices, big portions, and cheesy.

The Best Snacks To Eat While High

Are you still looking for stoner food ideas? Looking for good munchies to satisfy your hunger? No worries. We will share some of the best snacks as listed below:

  • Lunchables
  • Cheetos
  • Chocolate Chip Cookies
  • Munchies Snack Mix 
  • Mac and Cheese


 If you decide to smoke or eat weed munchies, it plays a role in the body and the brain. If you are scared about your food intake when using weed, make sure you know how weed affects your appetite. The power of munchies is uncontrollable. If you feel the sudden and strong desire to eat, prepare yourself. If you explore and experiment, you will find a way to control your routines to enjoy the foods without worrying about your weight.


Weed-Infused Recipes: What You Need To Know


Weed-infused recipes are common cooking recipes for people of this new generation. People treat cooking with weed-infused recipes as challenging and a great experience. 

The legalization of weeds is sweeping the country. The development of various weed culinary foods is popping over the internet. Many people engage in cooking weed-infused recipes to gain experience, improve their cooking skills, enhance productivity, or want to have some fun.

Weed-infused recipes are the most flexible, discreet, and delicious form of consumption. These cannabis-infused treats are readily available nowadays. Sadly, many infused products are packed with unhealthy ingredients that harm one’s health. Although these packaged food delights can be a convenient way to get medicated on the go, many patients with medical marijuana prefer to make their own infused meals and medicated snacks.

Explore some weed-infused recipes and popular cannabis cooking techniques to become a master chef!

Types Of Weed-infused Recipes 

Here are some of the weed-infused recipes you can make at home:

  • Brownies
  • Cookies
  • Candy bars
  • Gummies
  • Mints

If you have other recipes in mind, you can add this to your cooking experience.

What Are Marijuana-infused Products?

Products infused with marijuana allow a user to enjoy the benefits of marijuana without having to smoke it. Marijuana-infused products, or MIPs, are available as edible foods and drinks for these individuals. MIPS is applied to botanicals, tinctures, soups, salty snacks, and beyond.

As marijuana has become more popular, especially since it has become legal in some parts of the globe, it has opened many doors of possibilities for many companies to develop new products that provide different ways of ingesting cannabis. Marijuana producers and beverage manufacturers have come up with numerous, exclusive, weed-infused products, ranging from beauty treatments to food and drinks, as they are no longer operating under black market.

What Is Cannabis Infusion?

The end product of the process of infusing another material, typically an oil, with the taste and aroma of cannabis is a cannabis infusion. This process is becoming increasingly popular in the cannabis edibles market.

It is possible to buy cannabis infusions at pharmacies and can be made easily enough at home. Infusions are worth cooking and baking rather than using, unlike cannabis extracts or concentrate. Rather than being concentrated, they are diluted. Products made by the process of extraction of cannabis are more concentrated than infusions. Ask a buddy about the intended usage and dose advice if it is your first time considering cannabis infusions.

Cannabinoids enter the bloodstream through the stomach and liver when consuming cannabis. It enhances the potency and prevents the onset of symptoms. The intoxicating effects are often lengthened by this process, often causing them to last from four to six hours.

The Importance Of Decarboxylation?

In preparing cannabis for consumption, decarboxylation is the most important step. THCA changes, releasing carbon dioxide and water, which eventually turns THCA into the intoxicating THC, in cannabis, decarboxylation, or decarbing for short. This process happens spontaneously during flowering, or more rapidly when cooking in oil or butter; when cannabis is smoked, it occurs instantaneously.

 If you wonder what happens if you consume weed that has not been decarboxylated, rest assured that the stone will not occur in your body. Remember that raw cannabis, namely THCA, has shown some health benefits and is widely used as a nutritional supplement.

 If THC is present on the weed-infused recipe product, the effects are intoxicating. If THCA is seen, then they are not intoxicating.

Tips Before Cooking The Weed-infused Recipes

If you are new to cooking weed-infused recipes, try experimenting with the CBD hemp flower as it is cheap to buy and easy to use. Experimenting with the CBD hemp flower is enjoyable and less heartache if something goes off throughout the process. 

Please keep in mind that cooking with cannabis is not easy. Following guidelines is important to achieve the desired result. Other chefs have various techniques when cooking weeds.

Different Weed-infused Recipes 

  • Cannabis-Infused Butter

One of the most common and essential cannabis recipes for someone looking to make their edibles at home is cannabis butter or cannabutter since it is so versatile and simple to make.

You can use cannabis butter in any recipes you want. Its versatility makes you choose your favorite dishes to cook.

Things to do:

* Choose the right decarboxylation 

* Avoid using fake butter 

* Don’t overheat the butter

  • Cannabis-Infused Coconut Oil

Cannabis coconut oil acts as a cannabutter substitute and a significant recipe for any cannabis user to master alongside cannabis-infused olive oil.

Making infused cannabis coconut oil is a fairly straightforward process that uses both heat and fat to decarboxylate the cannabis flower and extract the cannabinoids from the plant.

Making coconut-infused oil uses both heat and fat decarboxylate the cannabis flower and extracting cannabis from the plant.

As a result, you can make various cannabis recipes like cannabis brownies, cannabis chocolate chip cookies, and more.

  • Cannabis-Infused Olive Oil

Cannabis-Infused Olive Oil is a simple, delicious, and versatile cannabis infusion that is important for any cannabis consumer to learn.

The final product of cannabis-infused olive oil can make different delicious weed-infused recipes.

  • Cannabis Alcohol Tincture

A cannabis alcohol tincture is a traditional medicinal preparation that is added to recipes like cocktails.

  • Cannabis-Infused Sugar

Cannabis sugar is a great idea because it is easy to incorporate into other recipes.

Different weed-infused recipes using cannabis sugar are cannabis brownies, chocolate chip cookies, and cocktails and drinks.

  • Full Extract Cannabis Oil

Full extract cannabis oil or FECO is a concentrated, whole-plant, broad-spectrum cannabis extract. It implies that all relevant plant compounds and other plant materials are present in the extract.

FECO is not used for inhalation and vaping.


Weed-infused recipes are surprising, fun, and a challenging experience in cooking. Whenever you want to reduce your pain and anxiety, cooking with cannabis will allow you to find joy, enhance your skill in cooking, improve relationships with your loved ones, and support their well-being at the same time. Besides, cooking with cannabis is not easy and needs careful preparation.

Your Beginners Guide to Enjoying Weed


As weed newbies, it usually takes a lot of research on how to use weed appropriately. However, we have prepared this article to help you with your first try of weed. Using weed incorrectly and inappropriately can give you lots of consequences and negative effects. Never let your curiosity drive you; research, read, and get your journey started with weeds safely.

Weed Facts

The level of THC in weed has risen over the last few years. The average THC content of weed in the early 1990s was less than 4%. The resins from the weeds and smoking with a high level of THC content is in demand. There are several types of these extracts, including budder, hash oil, shatter, and wax. These resins are three to multiple times as much THC as with the plant itself.

Weed or marijuana is the most commonly used psychoactive substance aside from alcoholic beverages. It is widely used among teenagers In 2018, over 11.8 million younger people used weed in the last year.

Are you one of the weed newbies? Let this article guide and give you ideas and tips in using weed. 

10 Safety Tips For Weed Newbies

  1. Choose The Best Time Of The Day

You can expect a little feeling unwell after smoking weed, so if you are going to consume it, do it on the night after you’ve finished everything on your lists of agendas or important matters. Advice from an expert: never do any kind of activity if you have smoked or after smoking weed. You’re not likely to get anything completed, particularly when you’ve been hit by weed hard.

Meanwhile, take this time to get to know and familiarize the sensation and how it impacts your total personality. Maybe, it may be unplanned for the first, but the journey is going to be smooth as you go on. 

  1. Select The Right Environment For You

When you organize your night schedule, you’ll endeavor all the stops. This includes choosing the right songs and getting ready for the lighting and the fineness you’re going to partake in. Make it a pleasant, comfy, and safe place to feel relaxed. Your surroundings will contribute a big part during this first experience as one of the weed newbies.

  1. Hydrating Is A Must!

Dry mouth is usually caused by being intoxicated or having excessive consumption of weed. The feeling of a dry mouth is like having a ball of cotton stuck on the mouth. According to some of the users who have experienced the situation, it is the most uncomfortable feeling. That is why hydration or drinking plenty of fluids is a must when consuming weed. The best thing to do is to have a pitcher by your side to beat dry mouth, also commonly known as cottonmouth. 

  1. Clear Your Schedule And Plan Ahead

If you are one of the weed newbies, preparation is the thing that should be done. You don’t have to consume cannabis whenever you want to, otherwise, you’ll suffer the consequences of weed. To avoid the effects of a “weed hangover” in your work, you must learn to clear your schedule or choose weekends when consuming weeds. 

  1. Never Smoke With Untrusted People

This is probably true with anything in life, but most especially when it comes to using cannabis. If you are one of the weed newbies, you have to be with the people you trust. We bet you don’t want to get high with unfamiliar people around you.  

  1. Choosing The Right Strain

The strain you select depends on the impact you want. As previously mentioned, cannabis has a variety of medical purposes, but other strains are better suited to certain circumstances than the others.

It is also worth investigating the possible harmful effects of the strain on your body. Some strains can result in dizziness, dry eyes, and dry mouth. Also, it can cause conflict with your present medications. 

  1. Familiarize Your Tools

Some users swear by vaporizers that lessen the intense skunky smell and inhalation of smoke. However, the effects of the high vape are significantly less powerful and are shorter in duration. While a bong can be disorderly and incredibly repugnant, a small water pipe can serve the same intention by sorting the more harmful elements of vaporization. 

  1. Don’t Smoke Too Much

We’ve heard weed newbies tell about how they are trying to demonstrate vaping with a higher amount in their first tries. The results are not good! They didn’t even enjoy the first time of their weed experience. If you are trying things for the first time, try to consume fewer amounts so that you can measure the dose suitable for you. 

  1. Don’t Combine With Other Substances

Since you’re doing this for the first time, you’re going to want a pure, undiluted experience for your maiden journey. So, if you’re preparing to warm up with a couple of beverages, don’t dare try it. There are negative effects when mixing weed with other substances including alcoholic drinks. 

The psychoactive effects might be higher if you do so. Be mindful of how this combination can affect your current status. 

  1. Before Using, Eat A Little

If you eat tons of foods before consuming weeds, the food helps slow down the weed’s absorption when it passes through your small intestine. Therefore, it is advised to eat less before consuming weeds. For faster weed absorption, you can follow this tip and see how it affects you and your body. 


Because of the weed benefits, there are lots of interested people who want to try the nature of using weed. However, being one of the weed newbies have certain precautions to follow to avoid negative impacts. 

As listed above, having a trusted companion is like having an angel in disguise. They are the ones that you have trusted with your situation and who can take care of you. These safety tips are created to help weed newbies on their first journey. Make your first time in weed society one of your favorites by having an unforgettable weed journey. 

Managing Weed Hangover and How to Prevent it


Despite some arguments over the effectiveness of cannabis, weed hangover definitely exists. While some studies on the topic are restricted, some reports show that smoking cannabis can stimulate afterward symptoms for other people. 

You may link a weed hangover with alcohol, yet it is viable for cannabis to have related effects after consumption. However, the distinction between a weed hangover and an alcohol hangover depends on the signs and symptoms. 

Regardless of the same term, weed hangover is not fully the same as those who purchase alcohol. And for some, weed hangover goes on to be more endurable than alcohol effects. 

These are the most common weed hangover symptoms:

  • Headaches
  • Fatigue
  • Nausea
  • Dry mouth and eyes
  • Lack of energy
  • Mental fog

What Do You Think Is A Weed Hangover?

Weed hangover happens when you take a higher amount of cannabis than the suggested limit. You should know what your tolerance is to weed. Tolerance depends much from one person to another. Some factors either allow you to get weed hangover and the seriousness of it consists of the strain you’ve taken and the level of THC. 

Marijuana with a high amount of THC can cause weed hangover, mainly if you have taken it beyond your level of tolerance. 

What Is The Cause Of a Weed Hangover?

Excessive intake of weed, especially of strains with high THC or psychedelic properties is the primary reason for a weed hangover. Strains that have 22% or more THC are the main offenders. Some strains that have high THC levels like Sour Diesel and Chemdog may cause extreme hangovers. 

Other factors in your lifestyle may also influence how you determine your mood on the day after weed consumption. An unhealthy lifestyle can make a person more prone to feel sick after a day of satisfaction. It means the healthier you are, the higher probability it is for you to be strong and have the capacity to beat off weed hangover. 

Ultimately, the frequency of you taking cannabis could impact the chance of a hangover. Normal cannabis users may desire to practice limitations on their usage. For instance, a person who is taking cannabis daily may desire to try it on alternate days or weekly to keep hangovers off and certainly stop them. Furthermore, changes in the time of consuming weed is another viable trial. Try to take it in the nightfall rather than late evening and see how it changes the effects. 

How Do You Get Rid Of a Weed Hangover?

A weed hangover will disappear on its own. There are not many things you can do for an instant fix, yet these steps can provide you relief:

Keep Hydrated

The most vital thing you can do during, before, and after taking cannabis is staying hydrated or drinking sufficient water. It will help you reduce symptoms including dry eyes, mouth, and headaches. 

Eat Healthy Foods

This one step is a must! especially if you are on an unhealthy diet. Consuming healthy foods can help your body get enough nutrients like protein, carbohydrates, and healthy fats that can fight hangovers. 

Take A Bath

Taking a bath before and after consuming cannabis can help you feel hydrated and fresh. It can also open your air passages which can make you more comfortable. 

Drink Some Ginger Tea

Ginger is known for its properties that help digestive problems like nausea. It is the best alternative for medicines to reduce stomach issues linked to hangovers.

Take Caffeine

Taking coffee or other drinks that have caffeine can help you feel more alert and energized.

Try To Use CBD

Some studies recommend that CBD can prevent symptoms related to weed hangover

Take A Painkiller

For a continuing headache, you may take an over-the-counter medication to reduce pain like Advil or Tylenol.

If you can do it, try to take a rest for the entire day. With enough sleep, you can wake up with a normal feeling again. 

How Do You Identify If It’s A Weed Hangover?

If you’re feeling off after taking cannabis, it may not certainly be a hangover for something.

Here are some of the probable causes:

Taking Drugs Or Drinking Alcohol While Consuming Weed

If you are taking other matters while consuming cannabis, it might influence how you feel the day after you take it. 

Withdrawal In Cannabis

If you consume weed regularly, there’s a high chance that you’ll experience some symptoms of withdrawal when you stop taking it. Signs of withdrawal may include insomnia, mood changes, and focus difficulty.

Persisting Weed Effects

The effects of weed last depending on the factors including tolerance, dosage, and delivery techniques, besides your metabolism. Commonly, a cannabis high ends between one to five hours. 

If at least six hours have ended since your last consumption of weed, and you have not had any use of another substance like alcohol, you’re probably just experiencing the aftershock of weed.

How Can You Stop A Weed Hangover?

The best thing to do to stop weed hangovers is to know your limits and stick to them. Smoking cannabis alternately than taking edibles is one strategy that may surely work. Moreover, you can find strains that have low THC levels like elation, an indica variation that finishes off at an achievable 10% THC. Simple bud, punching in near 13% THC level, is another good choice. 

Numerous strains match novice users and others who are more sensitive to the impacts of THC. It means that the higher the proportion of CBD is to THC, the less possible you are to experience a hangover. 

If you are taking cannabis beyond alcohol, try restraining the use of the hindmost two substances and see if it creates changes. If you still feel bad after taking weed, you may consult with a professional to identify if there is an underlying issue in your body. 

After all, determining and appreciating your body’s limit is the best way to stop weed hangovers while relishing the numerous possible benefits 


To conclude, weed hangover happens when you consume a high amount of cannabis over the suggested limit. Furthermore, you can feel hungover if you have taken it with other substances like alcohol. You may link weed hangover to alcohol, yet they are different in terms of effects.

 It is vital to identify what a hangover is, how it can affect you, and the things you can do to prevent it. In this article, you may find various things about weed hangovers that you can anticipate when planning to take cannabis.