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Kinds of Stoner: Stoner Stereotypes

Years ago, cannabis use was associated with a long and controversial history of our society. Almost everyone has a negative perception as people involved in this activity have been doomed, and stoners have been treated as criminals. But what does stoner stereotypes mean? Of course, we cannot deny that the medicinal value of cannabis has been slowly accepted in some parts of the world. However, the legalization of the use of marijuana is still on the battleground. There are many misconceptions thrown at stoners. Find out more about different kinds of stoner.

These stereotypes have led to severe debate because it is certain that when a person consumes cannabis, most of the time, the perception is that he/she could no longer stop an addiction. Medical breakthroughs have marked the development of the study of cannabis, and nowadays, people are no longer discreet in using marijuana. Dispelling the stigma surrounding the use of cannabis, easing it gradually into some countries, have now made stoner stereotyping non-existential. Let us try to evaluate the different kinds of stoner and the misconceptions involving the use of marijuana and how it affects people’s modern lives. Below are 5 stoner stereotypes; tell us if you encountered any of the scenarios.

Kinds of Stoner Stereotypes

1. Stoners Are Troublemakers And Unlawful

This stereotype is a generalized perception for non-believers of cannabis use, making them look bad and perceived as society’s plague. The connotation that if you smoke weed, you are already a bad person, and nothing is going right in your state of mind. In some cases, people will associate you as the perpetrator of violence and crimes, and others think that stoners are doing an illegal activity to support their addiction. Although there might be several instances where crimes were associated with marijuana use, let us not conclude that all criminals take marijuana to do violence. Being a troublemaker or being unlawful is a choice, and you cannot blame anyone for this.

2. Stoners Are Jobless And Have No Future

When someone mentions a stoner, the typical reaction would be that this person has no job, is dependent on parents, or a juvenile whose life depends on what they can get from the streets. It might be the biggest myth one could ever throw to a stoner, but for someone who has a wider perspective in life and has the drive to become successful in his chosen career and fulfill his dreams, achieving one’s goal is possible!

At some point, a stoner can become demotivated, lazy at times, and might leave one job for another. Still, the truth is that many celebrities and successful businessmen worldwide are using marijuana as their way of pleasure and freedom. Imagine how a famous writer who admits to smoking weed has become well-known for his works and managed to be productive and focused on his job. It is indeed just a matter of self-control and discipline, and most stoners do not mess with their ambitions.

3. Stoners Are Dependent On Weed

This kind of stoner stereotype has to go. It is still possible for heavy marijuana smokers that they can’t live without smoking in a day, but they can still act and think as normal individuals. It is a common perception that when a person starts to smoke weed, there is no way that he/she can stop right away. For some instances, a dependent person can take marijuana almost every day and quit in just a snap, while for some, they can smoke a few times but cannot stop being reliant on marijuana smoking. It has something to do with individual’s traits and personality and people who misunderstood stoners should not assume that once you smoke weed, there is no way for you to get out, and you can be addicted forever because that is not entirely true.

4. Bad Personal Hygiene, Low Sperm Count, And Always Forgetful

This one is funny, but most people don’t know that this misconception is not true. Cannabis enthusiasts are usually dragged into being dirty and unhygienic, but the truth is that they dress presentably and take good care of their appearance. On the other hand, the increase in the legalization of cannabis for medical consumption has led researchers and scientists to venture out on the effects of weed on human health, especially fertility.

Only false speculations about cannabis smokers who have low sperm count, and studies have proven that it has nothing to do about poor sperm quality among smokers. And lastly, cannabis smoking does not make a person easily forgetful. No proof has been found related to this myth, and interestingly, frequent weed users have a high tolerance for memory loss.

5. Stoners Are Drug Addicts

While others enjoy getting high when smoking weed, it is surprising that marijuana is not addictive. Coffee and chocolate can be more addictive to weed, and almost 90 percent of cannabis smokers are not dependent. Let’s face it; marijuana is the most commonly abused illegal substance worldwide but attempts to legalize its use are being pushed because of its medicinal benefits. Though sometimes cannabis is correlated to overdosage and a gateway from certain topics like depression and anxiety, the fact remains that the probability lies beneath unwillingness to socialize and not with weed consumption.


Despite the increasing popularity of cannabis because of its medicinal value, many still perceive that weed’s adverse effects only focused on the damage. Unfortunately, people may tend to misunderstand rather than move on from stereotyping. Stoners are judged unfairly just because we are accustomed to an old belief that cannabis is a harmful substance that is not good for our well-being.

The war on drugs is still being fought in this time and age, but we cannot merely associate every misfortune with the use of marijuana or other drugs. By now, we should be accountable for our actions and opinions and educate the misinformed against the stoner stereotype’s adverse effects.

Medicinal cannabis has many benefits for human health. Stoners are troublemakers and unlawful. Stoners are jobless and have no future. Stoners are dependent on weed. Stoners have bad personal hygiene, have low sperm count, and always forgetful. Stoners are drug addicts. Let us educate the misinformed and value every person no matter how and what society dictates us.

Let’s get rid of the stoner stereotype and treat every person with love and respect. We all deserve fair judgment. It is not too much if we try to understand and value every person on this planet. What is your stand on weed smoking? Cannabis is a medicinal cure for illnesses and diseases. Marijuana is not as addictive as you think. The accustomed stereotype for weed smokers has changed over the years. Myths about stoners and the bad side of stoner stereotypes.


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