Thursday, October 22, 2020

About Us



Successful content requires trust in the source. Our content is sourced from multiple platforms. It is our commitment to journalism that emotionally connects with our audience. Our quality content is why we continue to grow and influence key decision makers.


There are strict boundaries between editorial and advertising. Everything we publish is vetted through various channels before it is up for the consumers. As a result, our coverage is not influenced by business considerations. We strive to be accurate, credible, and consistent in our reporting.


The most important thing that Weedly and our digital properties have is the trust readers place in our mission. We believe our unsurpassed focus on quality makes our published content the leading voice locally and globally in the weed industry. Community enabler, positive social contributor, and defender of trust and privacy are the major roles we see our team and our partners embodying.

How works for readers

1. Present timely news and stories to readers that ensure relevance, shareability, utility, and diversity.

2.Transparent and unbiased news platform for readers and contributing writers who envision more growth and tolerance for cannabis. It’s where they can freely share their personal stories and experiences to the rest of the world.

3.Enable communities to engage in civic, cultural, and social-humanitarian discourse on important issues related to cannabis locally.

How Weedly Works for Brands

1. Increase customer loyalty by delivering content and ads that speaks directly to the target audience and drive action.

2. Boost ROI by deploying effective and industry-specific campaigns.

3.Increase market share by funneling new customer acquisition growth.